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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Crimson Lawn

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    Seen a crew doing that few years ago. When they were done it looked like a mud pit and the lady asked if they could get the mud off her drive:laugh:
  2. Above Par Lawns

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    Someone near Blue Springs have time to come spray Speed Zone on my lawn?
  3. zachj265

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    I need a landscape designer/architect for several projects. My current architect had his knees replaced and cannot walk around any site with terrain. In addition he has hand tremors, which make it difficult to draw plans. I'd prefer someone who strictly designs and does not do installations. Any feedback or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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  4. CorkscrewWillow

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    KC Peeps.

    I have two older Lesco Belt drive walk behind mowers, that I just can't quite get the tracking and drive belts set up right on. I usually end up making it worse. They work and mow but I know they can be set up better.

    Anybody want to help me out and show me how to do get these mowers set up right. I'll make it worth your time.(Money,food,beer,etc)
  5. Above Par Lawns

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    Snowing on May 1st, wow.
  6. teamgreendude

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    Hey guys i really need to sell my leafloader to make room for my new sprayer that's coming in soon. It's a 2010 model with 20 hours on it at the most and I'm selling it at $2800 please pm me if your interested because i need to move it asap!!!!
  7. DreamingGreen

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    What adjustments are you making to handle this weekly rain? We're a month behind on landscaping jobs because we're catching up on mowing every time the sun is shining. (and even when it isn't!)
  8. LawnPatrol 2.0

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    Lawn Patrol is a new company I just formed three days ago, looking to break into the competitive Kansas City market tips, suggestions welcomed. If any guys have accounts they do not want anymore let me know or if you need help we would love to help the best we can.
  9. teamgreendude

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  10. Mowdawg

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    We mow all over leavenworth road. devine.by.designs.@gmail.com
    Owners Jared Fearing and Brett Chadwick

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