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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. FLC2000

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    Hermes quit sending me those years ago. They just try to gobble up smaller companies. Its never worked for them.
  2. JohnD862

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    John from OP here

    I would say Suburban, they may not be too terribly reasonable but they take it and close to OP.
  3. JohnD862

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    John from 151 Nall OP here

    great to see everyone here, Can someone tell me how to downlaod my co logo, can seem to figure that part out.. And also I might have contacts now to sub work out to, that is if anyone is great with eyebrows for flower beds..
  4. JohnD862

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    All that is very true and you have to carry medical id cards at all times too. I went to coopers trailers in Odessa off I70 and outer road and got one heck of a deal. Saved roughly 5-600$ 2 yrs roadside ass as well.. but they carry everything, tandem axle brakes.
  5. Above Par Lawns

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    Going out of business sale!

    I have a 48" Wright Stander for sale. It has just over 1200 hours, fixed deck, belt driven, 23hp Kawasaki, comes with (3) high lift, gator and regular blades and the grass gobbler clipping catcher. Mower will need a new spindle bearing on the center blade assembly eventually. I noticed it was a little loose when sharpening blades last week. Other than that the mower runs and cuts great. $3300obo

    200 gallon lesco skid sprayer $3300
    5.5hp Kawasaki, Hypro 403 pump, 300ft hose with electric Haney reel, chemlawn gun w/ multiple nozzles, all new hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, plugs, fluids, etc. runs perfect! Hooked up currently and you can see it in action. **I also have 17 fertilizer & weed control clients I could hand over if you buy the skid sprayer. Clients are mostly located in eastern Jackson county ( blue springs, lees summit, Lakewood areas)

    04 gmc Sierra 2500 hd $8500
    130k, good tires, red truck, with tow package. Truck runs great w/ just a few minor issues including missing tailgate handle(gate still opens easily), crack in windshield, short fuse causing speedo to flicker on and off, small dent in back fender.

    Stihl fs110r weedeater $300 only 6 months old

    Echo on 770t backpack blower $300 1 year old

    Lamar 6x12 open trailer with fold down gate and hand tool/trimmer racks $1500

    I will consider a discounted packaged deal if interested in multiple items.

    Items can be picked up or looked at at Blue Springs Country Club.
    Call or text for more info 816-723-5929
    Looking to sell ASAP
  6. Crimson Lawn

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    Why the heck are getting out. Did you not just go full time in the biz?
    I am interested in a few of the items.
    Will hit you up later this weekend or early next week.
  7. Above Par Lawns

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    Within a month of going full time I was offered the job as assistant superintendent at a local golf course. It was a offer I just couldn't pass up. Golf is the reason I got my degree in the green industry. I started my biz because I was tired of making 8.50hr as a crew member and saw no promotion in sight. When this job practically fell in my lap I just couldn't resist. I've been juggling both jobs to the best of my ability but it's wearing me thin. I've got a wife and a kid at home that I don't get to spend any time with and that's not okay. I'm making a lot more money at the course than I am as a solo op so the biz has got to go. I'm next in line for the head superintendent position which has been a dream of mine for years so I want all my attention at the course so I can learn as much as I can.
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  8. Crimson Lawn

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    That is great! Its not often we get those opportunities. Take and run.
  9. robertsturf

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    If you would be interested in selling the fertilization customers separately I would be interested! Trent 816 350 0886
  10. zachj265

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    On August 12th, near 103rd & Quivira, I realized that my Stihl tiller and Wolverine solid shank shovel were missing from my truck bed. The items were in the truck bed when I arrived on the job but were missing when I returned from the customer's backyard. The Stihl tiller has a only one handle. If anyone sees a Stihl tiller that is missing a handle please let me know.


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