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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. chuckwk

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    After renting the trench master a couple of times I went ahead and bought one... good investment. Handy machine...

    Also,... My step-brother, who used to be my main crew foreman is looking for work. He is fully capable of handling every aspect of lawn maint., landscape install, 'light' hardscapes, (I did not do many big landscape / hardscapes)... , hydro-seeding, managing a crew, just about any piece of equipment you can imagine, ....

    If your in the KC area let me know and I will arrange contact.


    Also, I used to work the Raymore area... I had quite a bit of residential success.. 5 years ago there were not many commercial lots but I have noticed new comm. development recently... My best account was a residential off 'J' hwy, and Lucy Webb... 35 minutes for a crew to mow, blow, and trim.... $200 per cut, weekly no matter the growing conditions, twice weekly in spring growing season. Paid on time, every time... The home owner was more than glad to pay such an over-bid just to insure the job would get done.
  2. benb0808

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    From KC,

    I just started mowing have about 15 residential account and am looking for more. currently using a 21" but hope to get a 36" next year.

  3. Envision

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    If any of you guys mow in Olathe, email me because I have a friend whose parents are needing an estimate on lawnmowing. That is on the other side of town for me, so if you are looking to land another account let me know.

  4. HazellLawnCare

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    I hope to be moving my business to the Blue Springs, Independence, Lees Summit area next spring. Do any of you have any work in those areas you are wanting to get rid of or even possibly sell contracts on.
  5. Roselawn

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    Hi to all I am new to this local forum (Western Shawnee)... but anyway in response to Hamon's ? about where to dump yard debris and waste...I know a reputable company that takes it and grinds it...and colors it for mulch... decent prices on dumping AND GOOD QUALITY and PRICES on mulch they grind they just expanded into this at the beginning of the year..... I-635 and Kansas Ave. area. Let me know if you want more info as they are very busy starting up the operation and have many large tree companies dumping there already and large landscape cos. taking out the mulch.
  6. Hamons

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    Are you talking about Marrs?
  7. Roselawn

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    No it is a company called C.S. Carey Co.
  8. kobisk

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    Hey just wanted to drop a line to the local KC guys out there.

    Not really in business here, but maybe soon as current job may be going to India. Just wanted to let you guys know that I may be able to provide some assistance with irrigation/pond questions. My Father-in-Law, and brother-in-law do ponds and irrigation in Abilene, KS about 21/4 hrs west of here. I have been working with them on weekends for approx 2 years. Also use to mow from JR high through college. I was glad to see some posts about where to take yard waste, because I hadn't found any place yet. Luckily our neighbor let's us dump in her back yard for free.

    Here's some contact info:

    Kris Kobiskie
    816-501-6164 W 10-7
    816-833-4535 H ?
  9. Greatdane522003

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    I have about 50 lawns in northeast JoCo Looking for someone to talk to about mowing!!!! If anyone knows were I could get a good used 36' wright stander let me know my e-mail is greatdane522003@yahoo.com thanks!!!!:blob2:
  10. benb0808

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    Solo in KC. Bout 75th and Nall. I'm the guy in the shitty little mazda B2200 with 2 21" craftsman in the back and two bright geen magnets on the side. Hopefully not for long. Been doin 50-60 a week tryin to stash some cash to reinvest. Just started to notice the summer growing pattern this week. A few accts. wanted to wait a few more days for service. If anyone needs any extra help or has a few small accts. they don;t want to mess with let me know. If you see me out there, HOLLA!

    Ben Baumgart
    B2 Lawn Co.

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