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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

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    What is your average chrage for owing? Hey teacher how could you be in in Overland park and not making much on owing. Not sure why you make a lot on fertilization porgram and not owing?

    I forgot to spell check. :D :D :D
  2. Hamons

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    Average charge for mowing? $35 and go up form there.

    Don't make money mowing because there are so many people giving away there time. One of my accounts that I charge $55/mow for was jsut appraoched alst week by two companys driving around saying they would mow it for $30. It is a 22,000 ft yard with about 600 feet of bed edging and another 300 feet of sidewalk edging. Geez -- he would be there atleast an hour and he is only going to charge $30?

    Applications profit margin is musch higher. But that is because it takes specialized knowledge -- and lots of it --- to do it right.

    On contrast -- a 10k property would be charged about $500/year fro fertilizer and weed control. I would be on there propert a total of about 2 houirs for the whole year. A 10 k property mowing owuld get me about $1200.00 but I would be on there property about 20 hours. PLUS I'm driving a $12,000 mower and using another $1000 in equipment the entire time I am there.

    biut hey -- i'm just apoor schlep who works my ass off - so i may be all wrong. i don't want to sound like i have all the answers

    Similar for landscaping. Myt labor rate is much higher for landscaping jobs then mowing. But that is only once you start foing large $5k plus jobs.

    Now -- these numbers are NOT real world exactly -- but they are in the ballpark and they do show the dramatic difference in profit form applications.

    Of couse -- you CAN make good money mowing. And it is easy work. but -- it's not how I have formed my business. With mowing it seems the key is lots of crews. Money on volume. With me wanting to stay smaller. One crew for landscaping and anothe for mowing and me doing applikcations --- it works for me.
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    Hey guys, I'm working a big bid that will ned to be in with in a month. Looking for someone who might want to be subbed the fert. portion. It's a 45 unit community in north kc, decent amount of work. Mowing looks bad there now, but boy is it green, I have no fert experience or liscense, but want the account. Send me an email if you're interested.
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    I need to find a good welder in the johnson county area that could help with a repair on an enclsed trailer -- anybody have ay suggestions?
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    I'm from Lawrence. Looking at buying an LCO's collection of accounts in Lee's Summit. If anybody needs help out west let me know!

    AllSeasons Lawn...i've gotta bone to pick with you...i'll PM you!
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    Hello, I am just starting a business in the Northland area willing to go south of the River. We are specializing in Hydroseed, small landscaping, bobcat', and Erosion Control. Please feel free to contact if you know anyone who needs any of this work done. I don't want to take anyone's business just get mine started.


    Ground Solutions
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    Have any of you ever put out doorhangers? Just wondering what the response rate was.
  8. Hamons

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    I use door hangers in Johnson County, KS

    I usually get around 5% response. I had my doorhangers professionally designed last year -- seemed to really help my response rate.
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    Anyone who has been landscaping in KC know how the market is performing? General points about competition(large companies that saturate ads), specific booming services(butterfly gardens, irrigation, patios and etc?) preferred suppliers (any area) and views into the future? I am starting landscaping next year instead of mowing (getting out) and plan on doing things I know how to do like turf reno's in the spring but I'd like to get larger jobs ASAP. I have a good idea about the mowing market and geographic/ demographic trends but any trends and tips would benefit me. I'll need to develop relationships with dealers, specialists (irrigation and other advanced trades) and educational resources. Anyone have tips? Thanks!
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    Hey Popper...sell your business?

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