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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Hamons, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Hi Joplin! No net yet... I am starting on Tuesday to get it organized because I wanted to focus on friends and family during December. I had a nice December and went dirt bike riding often, going tommorow to 470.

    How about you? Did you have a good holiday and get time to spend with family? I worked so much during the year that I left out too much of my friends and family so this had been nice. Did you find a deal that worked out? I know another guy who made comments about selling but he's always working with his church and I haven't tried to call him. I've been taking classes for landscape design and making plans for swiching to landscaping. It's going to be tough and I'm nervous but I know that I'll thank myself once I get going. Keep in touch...
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    Pop, i lost your email address so here's mine again precisionlawnmanagement@hotmail.com . if you can't find anyone to buy it let me know maybe we can work something out. let me know about that other guy that may want to sell. I am interested! Glad to hear your holidays were good we went well too...we will stay in touch!
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    I was reading earlier in this post and someone mentioned a problem with DOT reguarding their tandem. I just upgraded to a 16' tandem with 3500 lb. axles on it. I have brakes on one axle. I talked to MO highway patrol and the guy said I was legal pulling it with a 1/2 ton because my GVWR was under the limit to require a CDL and other pita's that come along with it. I do have a class E license. I've heard so many conflicting reports on this, am I legal with my current set up?
  4. Popper357

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    Anyone do a lot of lawn renovations? I'm wondering how much guys charge so I charge the same. I usually charge $99 to aerate a 8000ft sq lawn and go up to $125 for 10k. Over seed and fert I'm about $250. I haven't done any verticuts yet and wonder who does this and how much I can get around here? Any help?

    I charge about $300 to do a power rake on 8K lawns. Tough work
  5. jimslawns

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    Capt Green,

    You are required to have a class E "chauffers" license while operating your truck/trailer for commerial purposes. The GVW of your truck is probably around 6200 lbs so as you do not exceed it you will not be in violation in MO. The GVW is a combonation of all weight trailer + truck and cargo. You need not have a CDL for a combonation trailer unless the trailer is rated with a GVW greater than 10000 lbs. Hope it helps.
    The only time they will check you around this area is at the dump, also make sure you have the proper lights and reflective tape, fire extingisher, and triangles in the truck, they'll ding you for that too ;)

    call me if you have any questions.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm just starting out, and would appreciate any help with the lawn care business. I've purchased everything I need from an individual that is quitting his business to go manage for another company. All the equipment is less than 1 year old. I'll have a 5x10 enclosed trailer, 36 Exmark WB, 21 Toro, Echo trimmers/edgers/blowers. I'm still working on name and logo, but plan to have vinyl lettering installed on the trailer. Any suggestions for graphics design/install?

    I plan on going after 10-15 clients this year, and offering a professional-looking, high quality, very dependable service in the residential/small commercial market around Olathe/Lenexa/Overland Park. I just want to mow/trim/edge, for the most part. I still work full-time (nights) for now.

    I don't want to be a low-baller/scrub, and would appreciate any input on gaining clients, servicing contracts, pricing, etc, in our market. I'm planning on targeting homes in the 150K to 350K market.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Hamons

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    I highly7 suggest you get ahold of my graphics guy for the ebst logo and artwork you can buy.

    His name is Shawn Honea (shawn@IMDESIGNGROUP.COM)

    Look for my posts in Elements of business forum to see lots of his work.

    email me at hamonslndscp@sbcglobal.net if you hav eany questions
  8. cleancutccl

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    Just wondering what the rate is per 1000 in the kc area for commercial properties. Based in Lawrence and just having a hard time getting into the commercial market, wondering if my prices are too high.
  9. KCLandscape

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    What are your prices?
    What insurance do you have??
  10. cleancutccl

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    I use 3 per 1000, and carry 1 million in liability.

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