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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by walker-talker, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. walker-talker

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    Those of you doing business in the state of Kansas....I have a question.
    I just came from a trailer service business and there was a guy telling me about some laws that I was not aware of, but maybe you can tell me if it's true.

    For a commercial truck and trailer you HAVE to have:
    1) Truck and trailer inspected by DOT
    2) Carry fire extinguisher and triangles at all times
    3) With tandem axles, BOTH have to have brakes
    4) DOT tape around trailer and emergency break away cable
    5) Carry medical card

    Said that whatever was the law for a semi-truck driver, was law for anyone driving commercial truck (other than having a CDL).

    I was getting an estimate for a hitch and receiver mounted on a 2 ton truck. I was trying to sell me the wiring for the brake controller along with the brake controller. Not sure if he was just trying up sale everything, or if there was truth to his words. I have the DOT tape, brakes on 1 axle and emergency brake cable. He went on further to say that the DOT is cracking down on the weekend landscaper and they will shut you down in a heartbeat.

    Any experience or knowledge? Mainly worried about having to get trucks and trailer inspected and having brakes on both axles.


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    Wish I could help you out, but I have no idea. Please e-mail me when you find out.
  3. KCLandscape

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    I have been stopped by KHP and was never told about this. Call the dept and ask them. I dont run stuff that big on the truck size, but do have a dual axle trailer with brakes...need to get fire extinguisher
    Its a good idea, for roofers. I've seen them driving a bent axle-loaded to the top of the sides with shingles and **** falling off the back. Those guys are the problem.
    Or the guy I saw last year leaving the nursery ant took the turn too quick/fast and lost sod and soil all over the road. The cops were there helping him pick it up
    Calm before the storm
  4. walker-talker

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    I understand that some of what the guy told me may be true. But, just the other day when I went to tag my 2 ton and trailer I told them that both were going to be used for my business and that I have commercial insurance and need commercial tags. The lady just looked at me and and said "You want to tag this as a heavy truck?" I said that it was a 2 ton truck, then she said that it was not considered a heavy truck and that it was not going to be tagged as commercial. I guess I should just call the DOT and find out for myself.

  5. racerdave

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    I heard that the DOT was setting up outside a local wholesaler and stopping everyone that came out...but it did not seem to go anywhere and they stopped.

  6. bluemoon

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    I have a friend whom lives in Pratt, but works in Wichita during the week. He is a KCC investigator, and basically all he does is help people get in "compliance". Also here in Pratt there is a actual DOT trooper, whom mows yards on the side.
    My friend (KCC ) guy says what you are asking is true. In fact when he looked at my rig he told me he should shut me down on the spot.
    I called the DOT guy and he says he will take a look at my setup and let me know what I need to do.
    I have talked to a bunch of guys about this in the last 6months, and I keep hearing what you were told.
    I am going to have the DOT look at mine soon. I think I am going to have to change my whole setup.
    Also, of note is I talked to a guy who got a $2300.00 ticket by Emporia and another whom got a $1700.00 ticket. Many of the things you said were what they were wrote up for.
    I know of LCO in Hutch who stopped the Highway Patrol and asked him about all these rumors. The HP told him all these laws have been on the books for years, and that it was up to the HP whether they would enforce. As of this spring he said that in Wichita they were cracking down on LCO's and my friend (KCC) guy said the same thing.
    My gut tells me this is all true here in Kansas, and it is subjective whether the law enforcement will enforce or not.
    As soon as I talk to DOT , I will let you know what they say.
    Talk to you later,
  7. walker-talker

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    Thanks for the info Troy. I just emailed the KDOT last week, asking for them to send me something, anything about the rules and regulations on how to "get legal" and never heard a word back. If you find a contact number where we can get a booklet of something, will you let me know? Thanks for the reply!

  8. racerdave

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    I ran a tree spade trailer thru the inspection (KDOT) at the HP headquarters about 2 months ago. They didn't mention anything about it not meeting compliance (and it doesn't) :confused:
  9. JTHutch

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    Here in Hutchinson the motor vehicle inspectors had a meeting with any LCO that wanted to attend to go over the rules. Wish I would have known them before I bought my trailer.
  10. bottlefed89

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    It's probably all true, here in Missouri you even need to have the CDL, but only a class C. I haul bulk mailing supplies for my family's bulk mailing company, one day I was in MY pickup using MY trailer and hauling a bunch of empty postal pallets. to make a long story short, they made me drop the trailer (in the middle of the ghetto) and they said the only way I could continue would be to haul things only in my pickup, so I spent the next 3 hours making 4 trips with pallets in my pickup (luckily I got to load and unload them all by hand), then I was allowed to go back and get my trailer. I got 21 citations, cost over $1000, but somehow I got no points. The only thing that really killed me was that I got 6 of the citations because he didn't like the way my trailer lights were hooked up. He thought the wiring was too short and could be unplugged in a tight turn. Odd how it's never happened in the last 50,000 miles of pulling the trailer but it mattered to him. I think it's dumb on a little 18' trailer that if I'm hauling a light load of empty pallets I have to have brakes at every wheel, but if I'm using the same truck and trailer to haul my racecar no one cares if the trailer has breaks at all. I think it's the people who DON'T pull trailers around all day everyday that they need to look out for, they are much more likely to get into trouble. Anyways I like the idea of having your local DOT go over things with LCO's, I'll mention it to mine.

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