Katrina Evacuee from Slidell, LA looking for assistance in Beaumont, TX

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Vibe Ray, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Hey guys. My name is Randy. I had a small lawn care business over in Slidell, LA. I had evacuated the day before the hurricane. I WAS smart enough to bring my equipment/trailer and a few valuables. I was fortunate to have a friend in Beaumont, TX take me in. But as you can guess, my business in Slidell has dissappeared and will not be back for quite some time. They are predicting it will take maybe 10-12 weeks before power is restored. And no one will have enough money to even think about lawn care. So I was hoping maybe someone might be able to help me get my foot in the door in Beaumont, TX where I'm staying and hopefully start making some money so I can get on my feet again and not have to stay at my friends house, etc. I plan on staying here due to the circumstances. I have already picked up 2 clients, but could really use some help IF anyone knows how they can. Just a shot in the dark, you know. Thank you in advance....

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    If you can get to the coast, we can probably help you along the way. If you want to stay in Texas, I have heard Dallas is a boom town. And good for you for having the sense to get the hell out. We will be sending a crew, truck, loader, and some labor for a month after they get the water plugged up.
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    So who's the best dealer around? I've seen a few, but who is the most capable and helpful and reliable, etc.? Preferably one that deals eXmarks....
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    Dude, I wouldn't hire you for a million bucks. I think the hurricanes are following you all over the country! LOL>

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