Kaw hard to start cold.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by casey, Sep 1, 2001.

  1. curlawngreen

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    Have you fixed it yet?
  2. Island Lawn

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    After having the same trouble earlier this week, I followed the throttle cable to the carb.

    Sho-nuff, there was still 1/8 inch that the cable could be moved.
    I pushed it the rest of the way by hand and now it starts every time on the first time.

    Thanks for the tips everyone!
  3. curlawngreen

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    Casey What was the solution to your problem?
  4. strickdad

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    do not use starting fluid you will break a piston skirt if you use this method
  5. Robert Doubrava

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    i did not know that! thanks for telling me.
  6. Scott182

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    All Kawasaki engines are designed to start in cold weather. While an engine may not start as easily in 10 degree weather as it does in 70 degree weather, you should not have problems.

    Here is what we do:
    Check RPM during cranking. Should be around 400.

    Make sure choke plate is COMPLETELY closed EACH time to work the choke control. This is the most common, even if people claim to have checked it.

    Make sure valve clearance is correct. If the 15hp is FH451V, both valves should be .003 to .005 inch.

    Make sure fuel is fresh and the proper type. Summer and winter fuels have different evaporation points.

    Check parasitic load. If hydros etc are dragging too much due to defect or thick oil, it may prevent the engine from spinning fast enough to start easy.

    Good luck!
  7. casey

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    It was a choke problem.
    Choke was not engaging or disingaging properly which means as well as hard cold starts I have been running about 200 rpm less than max.
    ATTN. ISLAND LAWN I was doing the exact same thing you were & probably would have kept on with your fix. When I installed a Tiny Tach I realized I was down on RPM's because not only was the choke not engaging properly it was also not disingaging. Take off your air filter & check if your choke is fully open on full throttle.
    Thanks for the replies.

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