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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MattG, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. MattG

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    Kaw420V 14HP single cyl. aprox 8yrs old. John Deere LX172

    Last year it was a valve job now it is hard to start, backfiring, and it will "pop" when the deck is engaged. It also sputters like I am running it with the choke on (sometimes). From this explanation my dealer thinks its the ignition modual. Not the ignitor (that was new last year). The plug looks OK, not too hot and not too rich. Does this sound right?

    Yes the choke seems to be workin properly. When it runs right it runs great but it comes and goes when I stop it or idle it for a few moments. Any suggestions?
  2. tazman

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    Ignition module. I just had the same thing happening to my JD 21" 5.5 HP mower. Changed the ignition module and it works great.
  3. Richard Martin

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    Oddly enough there is no way to test an FC series control unit to see if it is good. You can only test to see if it is bad. I have the factory service manual for this engine and while there is a way to test the control unit the test cannot determine every defect that the control unit may have.

    To test the control unit disconnect the lead at the control unit. Using an ohm meter set at X10 place the positive probe on the control unit terminal and the negative probe on the case. The resisitance should be 60 to 100. If it is not then you know that the control unit is bad. If the resisitance is between 60 and 100 the control unit may still be bad but it also may be good.
  4. Dave

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    I just changed the ignitor on that same model tractor,same problems,tested low with a ohms meter,Richards right on target
    I don.t believe the motor would backfire when you try to start it if it was the coil.who is doing the work ,you or the dealer,if he is you should have nothing to loose,as he should not charge you for something you did not need,if youre doing it test it the way Richard said and test the coil also

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