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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fox9988, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Sorry to be such a PIA with all the questions latly,but I'm trying to educate myself.The kaw seems to be the most popular engine by far,I'm wondering whats up with the lack of honda's popularity on Z mowers?The honda has a great reputation in the small engine application elsewhere
    (generators,compressors,etc.) as well as ATVs,dirt/street bikes,cars and such so what gives on the Z's?Is it lack of honda on Z applications or what?I noticed earlier the 24hp honda has 37.3 lb/ft. vs. 26hp briggs at 33lb/ft.--13% more
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    From what I have seen, The kawsaki engines have the most torque. If it were an option, I would go with a Honda because of personal experience.
    We have a Honda 3-wheeler that is going on 25 years old and still runs. (only to name one of the few)
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    I personally prefer Honda, thou I do find the low oil shut-down irritating it is a neat feature. Between Honda and Kohler I would be hard pressed, if it weren't for Kohler's usual games they like to pull I likely would've never chosen a Kawasaki on the Z...

    So I guess Kawasaki backs their engines better?

    Personally speaking they're all great engines, I myself prefer rpm's over torque...
    Even thou torque is necessary and you can't have one without the other, ultimately between horsepower and torque, hp wins.
  4. fox9988

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    Why is the oil shut down irritating?
    Since mowers are governed and are all run at the same rpm,at that given rpm[3600 I think]the engine with the higher hp rating,will have the most torque[lb/ftxrpm[3600]=hp].The torque rating is the max torque,which is at a lower,unused[in theory]rpm-----correct?
  5. Langford2000

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    You are correct, HP is a calculation of torque and rpm. As far as the engine question - Honda tops out their small engines @ 24HP. Kaw and Kohler both go into the upper 30s and as small as 5. When it comes to buying engines I'm sure that mower manufactures receive a better deal on engines if the buy and use an entire line instead of just the higher HP. I personally like honda as well as Kaw and own them both.

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