kawasaki 12.5 runs slow

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cuttinggrassiscool, May 13, 2006.

  1. cuttinggrassiscool

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    i have a 12.5 kawasaki fb460v on my toro proline. this year it doesnt want to run up to speed, and it doesnt want to run smoth. it was sputtering and running high low high low, so i cleaned up the carberator, twice incase i missed something, still the same reuslt. i can find one place on the throttle that will run pretty smoth, but that is it. also te whole thing sounds a little tinny like when it is running. So bassicly it starts right up and it goes, the baldes will engage, but the whole unit will not power up fully, and while running it smells like unburt gas.
    any ideas? chris
  2. khouse

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    When was the last time it ran right? (Your answer may effect the following suggestions)

    Check the choke to see if it's fully open while running. If it is I would guess it's the carb.
    If you've taken the carb off twice and blew it out with compressed air and know you have a very clean fuel tank and fuel then replace the carb with a new one.
  3. oldgreygox33

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    1. Check the choke to see if it may still be partially in choke position like
    khouse said.

    2. Another posibility is if your carburetor has an adjustable high speed jet, it
    may be adjusted to rich. Lean it out by adjusting the jet in/clockwise.

    3. Check air filter for: (a) Dirty (b) Wet (c) Partially oil soaked.
  4. cuttinggrassiscool

    cuttinggrassiscool LawnSite Member
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    well, as i remeber it ran just fine at the end of last season and i changed out the oil fogged the engine and put stabil in it. it running to rich makes sense but i dont think it has an adjustable jet, maybe though. so i will check for that. im also going to replace the plug, now i realise that i didnt replace that at the end of the seaon and im sure it couldnt hurt. thanks for the advice illt ake a look and see how it goes

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