Kawasaki 17 hp losing power

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JoeinJasper, Sep 16, 2005.

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    There's nothing to these little carbs., Just pull the plastic low speed adjuster limit cap and adjust closed counting the turns but don't over tighten. Then remove for cleaning the reinstall the same amount of turns.

    Keep track of which jets came for which holes and you should be fine.

    Here is a break-down but you don't have to tear it down this far, Just jets, Low speed adjuster and #5 to gain access to the ports.

  2. JAX76CJ

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    Thanks for all of your help. I found a copy of the complete service manual with the same Diagram. I started taking it apart and thought.... "I better not mess with this." I can do most of my own repairs, but this one I decided not to tackle myself. I figured, some things are better left to the guys who fix this equiptment for 12 hours a day. Much like many machanics that have me maintain their lawns for just the same reason. Well, to make a long story short, I brought it to my local Bunton Dealer and had them fix it. A new Carburetor and $300.00 (total) later, I'm up and running again. I've been in the business for about 10 years now running the maintanance division for a landscaping company, and only had to do the routine maintanance on the equiptment (ie.Oil Changes, Greasing, Blades, Belts, and other basic upkeep). I recently BOUGHT the company and am now the Head Mechanic as well so I've been learning a lot.
    Rob, I just gotta say thanks again and "you da man." Even though I had to bring it in to get fixed.... I still learned a lot! I love this forum and hope to be the one to soon be answering peoples questions instead of asking them.
    Thanks again,
    - C.J.
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    The carburator cost about 200$ IIRC, my 17hp kawi had the same problem, its too bad you didnt replace it yourself, just unbolt the old one and remove some throttle/choke linkages and bolt the new one in its place reconnect fuel lines and linkages, done.
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    Yeah, I wasn't even sure what the EXACT problem was. I found the Carb online for $145 plus shipping, but by then It was already in the shop and I figured screw it. I'd let them put it on. Only reason being.... That I would've had to pay them for the cost already incurred to diagnose the problem, then order the part, pay shipping, then put it on myself. I figured they could keep it, put the part on (in stock), make sure that it's done RIGHT, and be done with it. In the future though, I think I'd do the work myself. I don't expect anymore problems with this machine. I do also own a Kaw 614v, and if it ever happens again.... I'll know what to do.
    Thanks for the Input,
    - C.J.
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    Hi, Joe newbie here to forum,,, but have a similar problem with my bunton walk behind.... It wants to start, begins to turn over,,, then cuts out. cant even get it, to run.... check all the normal .... gas lines, filter change, fresh gas...originally i started it ,,, and five minutes later it died...likely once the engine got hot...............any ideas?? thanks
  6. JLF32022

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    I have a bunton walk behind with Kawasaki 17 hp engine. It started, ran for no more than five minutes and cut out... when trying to start it again,, it tries to turn over, then dies............ I have replaced the fuel filter, changed the gas, put new plugs,......... does anyone have any ideas what I could be looking at.
    Any help would be appreciated.....It seems that once the engine heated up it stopped..........
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    JLF32022~ What type of 17hp kaw is it~ (mine is the fh500v)~
    When it cuts out, have you tried to pull out the choke to see if it runs any longer before dying out~?
    Try disconnecting the safety interlock module and see if it runs ( it connects all the safety switches together, mine is under the gas tank on the left hand side)
    Also after it cuts out , have you checked to see if your getting good spark from the coils~? Again mine was doing the samething, after heating up she would die out and not want to fire until it cooled down~and after replacing the coils she ran great., seems Kawasaki had some issues with older coils and replaced them with a newer model number, again not sure how old your kaw is, mine was 11 yrs old. I'd also check the spark issue with the coils before running out and just getting new ones, cause they're not cheap @ $65-$75 a pc
    I'd start with that and see if anything works for you~
  8. JAX76CJ

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    Yeah, I ruled out the Coils before the "Expensive Carb."
  9. JAX76CJ

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    .... Haha, Look how many years ago my Post was. My Mower has worked worked flawless since I replaced that Carb. I still Use it every day! 48" Bunton, w/ KAW FH500V. I make sure that I "Blow it off" w/ my Backpack Blower EVERYDAY..... Especially "UP Front above the Deck."

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