kawasaki 17 reving high

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rons lawns, May 15, 2007.

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    kawasaki 17 fh500v, this engine was running great all of the sudden the engine shot up and did not stop until i shut it down. i disconnected the throttle linkage-same thing, i noticed you can put the choke on and it goes up even faster. i changed the carb gaskets both an the insulator-same thing im thinking maybe a governor problem? you can watch it pull on the throttle plate as soon as you crank it. any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again
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    You can start with checking all your throttle linkage for any binding up. If thats OK then try adjusting the governor. If still no fix remove the carb. and make sure the throttle butterfly screws didn't loosen up.

    If none of this is the fix it's most likely a internal governor problem.


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    Do as Restro indicates and if you have no success, consider internal governor failure. I mention this because I have encountered this situation twice in the last month. In the first case the engine would rev above normal standards then return to slightly higher than recommended rpms. In this case the two protrusions on the ball guide that insert into the camshaft weren't completely sheared off but were hanging on. In the second case, the projections were sheared off. The engine could be started at idle but when a load was encountered(clutch turned on, throttle engaged) the engine would rev out of control. Something to consider.


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