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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spadamax, May 1, 2004.

  1. spadamax

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    Thanks for all the great input when I was asking questions for my new ZTR mower. Question I have now is why a commercial grade mower like the Exmark I just bought is putting only a 19 HP Kawasaki Engine on it when littler Gravely ZT series, Hustler homeowner series and Simplicity, to name a few, are building machines that are smaller with larger HP engines like 21 and 23 HP? Am I going to be displeased with the 19 HP V-Twin Kawasaki engine or is there something I'm missing? The machine seems to cut great so far but I am worried I may be short on power if I really need it in heavier grass, etc. Can someone shed some light and their thoughts on the power source on the Exmark and the differences between the larger HP engines on the smaller machines? Am I worrying about something I shoudn't? I wouldn't assume a company as reputable as Exmark would cut corners and sacifice performance when everything else they do seems to be high quality? Thanks all. :confused:
  2. barringtonbrothers

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    I have had the 19 kawi on a toto z for three years now. I am really happy with it. It has given me no grief or trouble. I wish I had a bigger one sometimes but at the time its what I could afford. Sometimes better is the enemy of good enough. Why go with a 27 efi when you can get a liquid cooled diesel or dixies two engines on one that put out 46hp?
  3. brucec32

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    FYI, the 19hp Kawi is the same displacement as the 21 and 23hp and produces nearly as much torque as the 21. Doesn't seem to be a ton of difference. I know that the 21hp on the 48" deck is very powerful, so I doubt you'd have a lot of problems with power needs if you have that size deck or smaller. The 17hp is a smaller displacement engine that puts out a lot less torque, but the 19hp seems to be a big step up from that.
  4. GrassBustersLawn

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    I've got a 19hp Kawi on my Lazer ZHP 48". NO problems for 4 years. Unless every yard is like climbing a mountain, Don't worry about it.

  5. tacoma200

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    I had a 20 hp, 52" cut Grasshopper and 90% of the time it had more than enough power. Hills and tall grass would definately slow it down though.
  6. spadamax

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    I have the Lazer CT 52" with the 19 HP. Thanks for all the feedback. I'd assume that Exmark, being the quality outfit they appear to be, would size accrdingly but the salesman said it was still commercial grade but for the home owner (ie/ smaller tires slightly, no foot assist lift, smaller gas tank, and a 19HP not the 21 HP, and mow speed of 7.2 rather than 8-13 mph of the larger units). So I got a little nervous that mayebe I lost out on something that I may regret later. So far it appears to be mowing great, really throws the grass. I have a trailer hitch coming for accessories and the adjustable arms for a little more comfort but the machine is very comfortable already, seems to be more so than the Gravely's and Hustlers I looked at. I didn't even really consider ExMark until many people shot me back messages stating to try them. What makes this such a highly regarded machine when compared to Gravely's, Ferris's, Bunton's, etc. (one noteable thing was the more aggressive price....retail was about the same as comparible units but the dealer offered a promotion and additional discounts, plus we negotiated other things like extra blades, armrest at a good discount and free hitch hook-up! I think I got a fairly good deal at about $5317 for the Lazer CT with all the above items? Sound like I did to any of you folks? Thanks for all the help.
  7. spadamax

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    A couple other questions, and don't laught, but can the larger 23" tires mount on the LaZer CT to help give a smoother ride? Can the gearing be changed at all to bump the speed up a little for road travel, etc. (take it from 7.2 to 10mph for instance?) or does the motor size need to be increased to get that kind of gain? Just think of me as Tool Time Tim wanting to hop things up to see if it can be done. Thanks.
  8. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    Glad to see that you made it over here. As I told you in the email this site has much better information and people than the other site.

    You choose a great mower.

    Your mower was build around a 19 hp engine. Increasing tire size, changing wheel motors and modifing the mower in any way will take power from the engine and can place a lot of stress on it. I personally think that Kawasaki engines are under rated when it comes to horse power.

    It was not designed to race nor ride to town on Staurday night . It was designed to cut grass and do a great job at it as I am sure that you already know or will know about.

    I have a 60" Lazer Z and I think that it is low when tramming from one yard to the next down the street. But think that can be to fast at times when mowing in tighter locations. It is a trade off that you have to learn to live with.

    On rough ground mine will tell me that I am going to fast or headed up to steep of a hill. I am a small guy at 6'1" and 160 lb. So when I am going over rough ground to fast or lean to far forward on hills. I do not have enough rear to hold the seat safety switch down. So the engine starts cutting out.. When I first got the mower and it started doing that I was almost ready to take it back to the dealer until I figured out what was going on. I think of it as a small blessing in a way. It keeps me from shaking the mower apart in the rough stuff and getting to the point of flipping it over.
  9. spadamax

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    Lynryd Skynrd thanks for getting me to this site. I am really liking the ExMark. I drove my neighbors new 61" 27 HP Ferris with the suspension and to be honest I couldn't see a huge different. Maybe the suspension wasn't dialed in thoroughly but it didn't seem worlds better like I expected it with the suspended ride. Speed wasn't really muc faster either so it helped to reinforce my choice as a good one. Does anyone use their ZTR's with snowblowers? Does Exmark make one for the LaZer's? My driveway is about 450' long and it would be nice to throw on a 46" blower and do the cleanup that way rather than the plow that digs up my yard and throws rocks everywhere for spring cleanup. I do want to accessorize the mower somewhat with a roller, spreader, I have a cart. I love riding this thing! I think I've had it out each day since I've gotten it (yes a true hid at heart) but now I enjoy mowing again. Adding to the accessory collections for doing some real yard work is next on the list.

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