Kawasaki 23 hp fh-680 v problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by EARTH5, Jan 20, 2013.

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    I gave my laser z hp engine to a friend to rebuild. It's a Kawasaki fh680 v 23 hp. Well he is a professional motorcycle mechanic and took the entire engine apart and started making a parts list which I ordered all except what he called crank or main bearings.
    I looked online and figured out that they don't have a main bearing on crankshaft instead a sleeve that fits in the cases and the crank rides on that.
    So my problem remains he removed only one of these ( thank god) and Kawasaki doesn't offer it as a separate part. They want you to buy the entire case for $450.
    Does anyone know where I can find that sleeve/ bearing or any other help or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :dizzy:
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    There was a post on this a while back. I forget what the outcome ended up being but try doing a search in this particular forum(Mechanic and Repair).

    Honestly if those are in need of replacing its time for a new engine.
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    how many hours on this engine?
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    Did he remove it, or did it fall out during teardown? If it fell out, I'm with Pugs. New engine.
  5. D C

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    If you're doing a rebuild and can replace the worn bushing, what is gained by spending a LOT more on a new engine?
  6. D C

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    A 3 year warranty. A new starter motor. A new carb with all new linkages and no wear on the shafts or body. I would hope the engine rebuilder would be installing new valves and cutting the seats but who knows...so a new engine would have all of that new.

    Also the newer engines have a better system of oiling that upper bushing that seems to be a problem in the older ones where they oiled it through the crankshaft instead of through the block as on the newer versions.
  8. piston slapper

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    I'm with you guys on this one....
    If the bushing fell out of the block during disassembly....its junk...
    The gearset would have wear issues ..and the rods would be sloppy..
    A Boomerang engine...any re used parts would come back on you...
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