Kawasaki 26HP voltage regulator bad?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by njm2, Aug 31, 2010.

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    My Scag wildcat started blowing fuses last week on the red wire. I initially thought my clutch was going, but doing a resistance check on that reveals 2.4 ohms, which I think is a bit low according to the service manual. I got a couple of more mows before I blew the PTO switch, which I just replaced today.

    Just today mowing I blew the fuse again. I did some troubleshooting already and observed the battery voltage to be 13.5V (yow! :dizzy:) right after shutdown. I tested the voltage regulator with some resistance checks from the manual and several of the tests were way out of range.

    Before I replace the regulator (which is ~ $100 - sheesh! :realmad:), is it possible the stator is blowing the regulator or is it more likely the regular just wore out?

    Also the fuse only seems to blow about 1/2 hour after the mower is running.

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    If you have the manual test the stator for shorts and perform the running AC output test.....
  3. njm2

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    Will do! Thanks. Thumbs Up

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