Kawasaki 27 LC=oil-burining rod throwing JUNK?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albemarle Lawn, Jun 16, 2002.

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    Have noticed a few threads here on how Kawi 27LC's use a noticeable amount of oil.

    As much as 1/2 Qt every 50 Hours. Is this true?

    Some are having rod trouble.

    Could the Kawi 27 be the lastest LEMON?
  2. TLS

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    At least I hope NOT!
    As for oil usage....
    Thats only when I work it real hard that it'll use a bit. Like I said, field mowing of grass/weeds approx 12"-24" tall for about 2 hours straight with RPM's bogged down to the 3450 range! My old Command probably used about the same.

    I feel as though its a great engine. To be perfect, I'd like to see it fuel injected! Because with that 2 barrel carb, when you WORK it, it gets thirsty!

    Cant comment on rod bolts, but these engines are built by humans, and humans can make mistakes.

    For as many problems as I had with the 25hp Kohler, this Kawi is just peaches and cream! By this time on the Kohler, I had it back twice for headgaskets, 1 time for the smart (dumb) spark, and another for collapsed lifters!

    Knock on wood, the only thing I had the Lazer in for is the rear tire problem, and in the beginning (3hrs) had the throttle control linkage tightened up, it wouldn't stay at full throttle.

    Thats it!

    Engine oil is changed with 10W-30 Mobil-1 every 50-60 hrs. I could probably use a thicker viscocity oil to prevent any usage at all, but with the cold mornings, Id rather have the thinner oil in cold startups, as the protection due to fully synthetic is always there at higher temps.

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