Kawasaki 31 HP Engine.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grassman08, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Grassman08

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    I am just wandering, Is there anyone out there who may have experience with the Kawasaki 31 hp. engine? How does it do in wet and/or tall grass? What is the power like? Is it good on Fuel? Any problems or Issues? I have noticed that Hustler Super Z is utilizing this as an option. Any info is greatly appreciated, Thank You.
  2. Turf Dawg

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    I bought a superz with the 31/66" about a month ago. I love the engine so far, but I only have about 70hrs on it so far. The fuel does not seem much worse than my 23 hp Kohlers. It walks and talks through everything here, but may be different in your neck off the woods.
  3. retrodog

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    I have a 31hp demo Bad Boy on a 60" with a little over 100 hours on it. It is amazing as far as power, but I think it might be a little too much power. My favorite gas engine I have ran so far is the 26hp Liquid Cooled Kawasaki. I wear ear plugs on the 31, on the 26 I don't have too. The 26hp lc burns less fuel and is quieter, and is plenty of power on a 60" deck, not to mention the 26hp LC being $500 cheaper on the Bad Boy. The neat thing about Bad Boy is that you can get the 31hp kawasaki 60 inch Pup for $7395 (which will ride just like the Hustler, but have the 10cc pumps and only go 11mph), and get the 60" 31hp Kawasaki Lightning for $8495 retail (which will ride like a cadillac, and go 14mph)!. You are looking at spending alot more money on the Hustler with the same motor. You could even look at the big AOS model with the 16cc pumps, 15mph, 27hp Liquid Cooled Kawasaki, and you talking about a smooth riding mower!! for $8795 with the 60".
  4. retrodog

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    here is a pic of the massive AOS, 18 gallon tanks, 2.38 guage deck, the cooling system on the hydros is amazing on this thing!


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