Kawasaki ACR valve on FC420V


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Recently purchased a used walk behind with a 14 hp Kawasaki FC420V pull start engine. I was having problems pulling the recoil / pull starter; I adjusted the valves to the Kawasaki manual specifications and it's still tough to pull.

So I was wondering if it could be the ACR valve? I have no experience with this, if anyone could shed some light on this I'd greatly appreciate it.

Is this a worth-while repair, is it a job for a professional mechanic?

Is the engine even worth replacing the ACR valve if it's the culprit


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Hey-Restrorob-or anyone else that can help! I have the same problem described only it's on the same model Kawasaki but just fully rebuilt last fall. (I was the original purchaser about 20 years ago, of the JD Commercial Walk Behind that it's on.) It pulled fine for a short time after the rebuild and now it wants to yank my arm off. I don't know what an ACR valve is. Please help! The guy that did the work said the only time he had heard of such a thing was when there was too much oil in the crankcase. Not the problem here. I have heard of "compression release" at startup on some things I have read in recent years but don't know anything about that either! I'm a newbie to the site from Minnesota and thanks for any help that you seasoned members can supply.

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