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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shade23, May 17, 2010.

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    Does anyone know what the last four digits of a Kawasaki engine number means.
    I now have a Kawasaki FD731V-BS00 engine in my Hustler Super Z.
    I can find that replacement engine but there is one with the number FD731V-BS07 that is half price. I think that it is half price because parts are no longer available. My main concern is that it bolts up and wires the same as my old engine. Kawasaki won't talk to me about it and dealers seem to not be interested.
    Can anyone help.
    Thank You
  2. ucfbrian

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    The last digits in the Kawasaki engine code is the spec number of the engine. That number allows you to look up the exact parts for your engine. Take the BS00 versus the BS07. There can be only a few minor differences between the engine or there could be major differrences. You would have to really compare the parts manuals to tell if one engine could replace the other. Some differences that there could be is control placement, the cables coming out the right side versus the left side, muffler and muffler discharge, starting options, solenoid on the starter versus on the mower, crankshaft size, taper and length. There are too many differences that there could be to make it worth trying to use a different engine to save some $$$.

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