Kawasaki Engine Numbers


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Flint, Michigan
I need the engine numbers (model) for the Kawasaki 22HP liquid cooled. We need to get a gasket set, as we have one that is leaking coolant into the oil (this is the first thing we need to check). I was told that a gasket KIT OR a rebuild kit is not available for these, - everything will have to ordered seperately. The mower is around 4 years old, I believe. Also, how many different 22 HP Kawasaki LC's are there with the horizontal shaft? Any and all help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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The model number for the 22 liquid cooled is FH661D. The Spec Number is AS-03.

Kawasaki probably only has a small handful of model numbers for the 22 liquid cooled. They could literally have an unlimited quantity of spec numbers.

While many manufacturers will use a give model of engine each manufacturer may have a different spec number. In our case we spec'd out the canister air filter and no charging system which allowed us to use a more powerful automotive type charging system. The canister air filter at that time was fairly unique and the charging system was the only one if that type I've seen on this type of mower in a V-twin.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.