Kawasaki engine Oil in Air Filter

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Tagg, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Tagg

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    Kawasaki engine showing oil and or gas mix coming out of air filter box. Engine is a 14-17 hp approx. 2001 model year mounted on a walkbehind mower. Can anyone provide info as to why, what or how to correct this and what may be the cause of this. Thanks.:usflag:
  2. MowerMedic77

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    More then likely your float and needle inside your carb are being held open either from debris or if its been sitting they are gummed up, in the down position. This is a gravity feed system so your fuel tank emptied and filled your engine and is now pouring out of your a/f box. You will need to drain your engine oil and repl your filter, add fresh oil, pull the plug and make sure the cylinder is clear of gas and oil, pull your fuel bowl and see if debris is holding your fuel needle open and clean out the main jet. You may have to shut your gas tank valve off when mower not in use to keep this from happening again. Good luck:)

    P.S. if it also filled your muffler then it is going to smoke like crazy once you get it started again, just a warning.
  3. Tagg

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    Thanks Medic, I talked to our local mower repairman today and that is what he felt was the problem. Just wondering when I posted last night if there was a few things that could of caused this or if they were major or minor problems.:dizzy:
  4. Tagg

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    Any other thoughts on this problem ? Thanks.
  5. dutch1

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    How has the oil consumption on the engine been? If you find that the crankcase has not been overfilled due to gas running into it you might want to check the compression. It could be that leaky poor sealing rings may be causing excessive crankcase pressure, blowing oil through the breather into the air filter. Just a thought.

  6. Richard Martin

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    Kawis have a crankcase vent system that can put a lot of oil into the air cleaner assembly is there is something wrong with the engine. Is there a lot of oil buildup on the aircleaner right where the vent tube enters the assembly? It would be noticeable.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey medic does that apply to echo blowers also? :confused:
  8. MowerMedic77

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    Yes it can, the only difference being hand held 2cycle carbs have and needle and lever that are activated with a diaphragm gasket and not a float. Usually your diaphragm gasket will be worn or the needle lever will be set to high from factory spec and it will hold the needle open. Also check for debris between the needle and seat(most 2cycle seats non replaceable) the needle tip is rubber and should be ply-able. I have also seen rust from moisture hold a needle open. Good luck hope this helps:)
  9. Tagg

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    Thanks Rich, We just purchased the mower today. The engine runs but is blowing a lot of smoke from the exhaust to the point you can't find the Snapper Pro 52" walkbehind. It is a 17 hp Model SPLH170KW. :cry: The oil was filled to the top of the dipstick and is a light tannish color. As soon as the unit was started, (appears to have good compression will try to check compression tomorrow and replace engine oil.) it is pumping this oily fluid everywhere especially out of the air filter box at front of engine.:dizzy: The oil mixture does not appear to have any gasoline in it as we tried to set a sample of it on fire and it would not flash or burn.(This was advised as a way to check for gasoline contaminate from a Kawi service center employee).:confused: They also advised of a defective head gasket and also of the possibilty that you mention for crankcase ventilation. I'm just not sure as to the area to check for ventilation cracked and/or plugged ports. :) Is there a breakdown of the Kawi engine shown somewhere on a website that may show these parts ? Engine info shown on tag is VKA??4UIG2RA, 494L. MFG Date 1198. Sorry for the LONG POST but just 1 more question, How is the oil getting discolored to a light tan color being an oil cooled engine ? It appears to be something that would happen on a water cooled unit. Thanks.
  10. freddyc

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    Just a side note here.

    I have a 20hp Kohler engine that was blowing oil out the breather tube into the cleaner...a lot!

    Long story short, it hadn't got a lot of use before I bought it and one on the rings must have been letting oil by. A small amount of mystery oil at an oil change stopped it completely after about 5-10 hrs of running afterwards.

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