Kawasaki Engine Oil ???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tagg, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Is anyone using Kawasaki engine oil for the Extended Warranty ? We just purchased a new Scag TT 27lc/61V deck this weekend. Kawasaki was at the GIE Expo and they advised that if you use their oil it would Extend the engine warranty from 2 to 4 years on all lubed parts. The problem I'm having is finding the Kawi Oil at a dealer, seems as if none of the local (within 50 miles of me) carries the product. The oil is made by Interlube of Washington State which also produces Opti-4 engine oil which has the same warranty extension. Found 1 dealer that handles Opti-4 at $ 49.99 for 6 quarts but he is 35 miles away. Does anybody use these oils and what is the price you are paying ??? Thanks. :usflag:
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    If kawichem oil is allowed then get it at your motorcykle dealer. other than that, I have no idea.
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    We have discussed this before and I think it is a strategy to sell the oil/filter and make money. I'm sure they will stand by the warranty but they will want proof of every service and it will cost you a pretty Penney in service with that expensive oil. I feel you will spend enough money to go a long way on another engine by the time you do this for 4 years. Hustler is doing the same thing with what they call Super Oil. There are a lot of disclaimers. you must change to the new oil after the first few break in hours and either have the dealer do the service or keep "Very Accurate" records and times of service. Here is the Hustler version. I'm not saying it's a bad deal, just make sure you cross you t's an dot your i's. Your basically buying a 2 year extension on your warranty and it's not cheap. If your engine has a failure it is most likely to happen in the first year or two so they are pretty safe by extending it a couple of years. My opinion. Check it out :


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