Kawasaki FB460V Carb/Starting Problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Radjxf, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Radjxf

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    I've got a late eighties JD 165 lawn tractor with a Kawasaki FB460V 12.4hp engine. It will only start IF you prime it with a little gas or starting fluid. Once running, it runs fine and stays running. However, once shut off it will not start again without a prime of fuel. It's been suggested that the choke is the problem. IF it were the choke, wouldn't that be irrelevant in the situation where the engine is hot from running? If it were the fuel pump, then I'll assume it wouldn't stay running like it does? Anyone have any adjustment procedures for the carb/choke? Looks like the choke is automatic. Thanks for any help.:usflag:
  2. khouse

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    make sure you look at the choke butterfly at the carb to see if it is fully closed. Some engines need to be choked to start even after it's warmed up.
  3. Restrorob

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    Hmmm, Adjust the choke by sliding the cable in or out of the mounting clamp on the throttle control plate.....

    And why the start of another thread ?
  4. Radjxf

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    Thanks guys. I'll try to adjust the choke soon. Makes me kinda miss my old JD with the manual choke!
    Rob--I started a new thread since now I'm going in a new direction (fuel situation vs ignition). Maybe the mods will combine the threads if they feel it inappropriate.
  5. Radjxf

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    As you can see, I only work on this thing every few weeks! Got it to where it would start cold (choke all the way shut) about 95% of the time. Used it for the first time yesterday to drag off some felled trees, and when it's hot, it absolutely will not start. It seems to be flooding no matter what you try. I ended up drying out the plug and after what seemed like a million cranks, got it to start again. Then once shut off, I couldn't get it to start for anything. Man this thing is a PITA! Is this possibly just a carb problem? Has spark, but don't know how you determine strong from weak spark. Also has 100lbs compression. Thanks for any more ideas.
  6. Restrorob

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    Now it sounds like you have another problem, Are you choking it when hot ?
    Before you said it wouldn't start hot unless you poured fuel in the carb. :confused:
    Maybe you need to take the carb. off tear it down and spray carb. & choke spray cleaner through ALL ports and passages and replace the float needle valve, Also clean the tank out, Blow fuel lines out then replace the fuel filter.
    As far as spark, It should be blue with no sign of yellow or orange.

    Just in case you need it.....

  7. Radjxf

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    Rob, when hot, it doesn't seem to matter what position the throttle is in, it just refuses to start. Starting fluid doesn't even work. To answer your ques, before when it was COLD, I had to pour fuel in to get it to start and it usually restarted
    without choking when engine was warm.
    Guess I've been avoiding taking the carb apart so far as with my luck it'll never run if I get it back together! I thought it may have a bad float, but if that was the case I'd think it would leak gas profusely.
    A few weeks ago I did drain out the tank, replace most of the (dry-rotted) fuel lines and put in a new inline fuel filter. I guess now it's off with the carb. Thanks again for the advice and the diagram.
  8. ProLawns

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    Most Kawasakis that i've had had to be choked even when hot. Make sure the choke butterfly is all the way closed when the throttle is in the choke position. Also make sure your air filter is not clogged.
  9. Jim@MilkyWay

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    How old is the plug(s)
  10. Radjxf

    Radjxf LawnSite Member
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    Brand new champion plug (correct one) and new air filter, fuel lines replaced, tank drained and new fuel filter. Spark does appear blue, not yellow or red.

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