Kawasaki FC420V blowing oil


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I am a novice repairman, like to tinker. I acquired a Bunton 36 with subject engine from friend who thought the engine was blown. The shaft was seized and he could not pull start it. I started my repair by attempting to remove the pulley from the shaft and lo and behold the shaft freed up. I was eventually able to get the engine started with just a few tweaks, cleaned carburetor and replaced spark plug and changed the oil (whatever oil was left). Ran it cutting the grass for about 45 minutes when I noticed there was oil all over the engine deck.

Where should I start to find the issue? I took valve cover off and didn’t see that there was any major leak there and no indication of oil spilling into the exhaust.



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Start with a leak down test? If you're not familiar, YouTube can explain the procedure. Inspect engine externals for leaking seals, signs where oil may have leaked. Where is the oil level now? If the carburetor needle and seat are not working correctly, fuel may have over filled crankcase. Good luck and let us know what you find.