kawasaki fh430v 15 hp Having problems AGAIN!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by joshua74133, Jul 15, 2012.

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    I have about had it with this kawasaki :hammerhead:
    I have 15 yards that have to get mowed tomorrow. I NEED HELP!

    Ok so this engine has had no problems at all until this last Friday, Thursday all day the mower worked great then Friday morning we get out to the job the mower all the sudden wont start.
    I try and try all morning until my hand is covered with blisters (THERE IS NO FIRE AT ALL) So we mess around checking all the wires and we test the safety switch after checking everything I determined the wires and switch were all good, I pull the plugs and they are BLACK! so yesterday i shoot some engine start spray into the engine and put new spark plugs in and it starts first pull (high five all is good in my world) this morning we get out to the big job i had to skip and once again no start take the plugs out and they are a little dark spray some more start and start and die and cant get it back to starting.

    anyone have any ideas?

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