Kawasaki fh440v had water in the gas now won't run right

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cnymowing, Jun 20, 2013.

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    On my phone so ill be brief. Gravely belt drive walk behind with a Kawi fh430v-cs06:

    Yesterday I get a call that the mower died, I check it out and find about 2 gal of water/separated fuel. I drained it and replaced fuel filter. Filled it back up and ran fine.

    Today I get a call that it was sputtering and not running right. I cjeck it out and the fuel is fine, but it wasn't getting a spark on either cylinder. Also the oil was very foamy...

    I disconnected the kill wire from each coil, got spark and got it running with the kill wires off. When I connect one kill wire at a time, it still runs... Bit rough. Connect both and it dies. Would this indicate a coil problem or a kill switch problem? If a kill switch problem (which I think it is) where and how should I start troubleshooting? If a coil problem, how do I troubleshoot?

    I also just changed the oil and filter since I found the foam... Am I right to believe that the foam was caused by the water in the gas? Could todays problems be associated with the bad gas? Anything else that I should do because of the watered fuel?
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