kawasaki fh451v wont idle right

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bssford460, Nov 7, 2012.

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    You didn't mention the hours/years on the engine.

    If all the external work you've done is proper and there is no excessive wear in the governor/carb linkage, I'd suspect you may have some wear in the internal governor assembly. The plastic ball guide has two bosses that sit in recesses in the cam gear--I've found one or both sheared off. It's been too long ago for me to recall the running condition with one boss sheared. With both bosses sheared, I could set the governor but the rpms would continue to climb uncontrollably.

    If you decide to crack the engine open, look for any galling in the governor plates as well.


    Is the spring on the governor/carb link intact and attached?
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    OK, time to revistit this thread. I got busy with work and stuff and stopped fooling with the lawnmower.
    its a 2002 model mower. i bought it in 05 and cut my personal lawn (little less than an acre) with it for 3 maybe 4 years. I have no idea how many hour the original owner put on it but I'm pretty sure this wasnt his primary every day all day mower for his business, i think he just uesed it on smaller yards or yards where only a 36 in. mower would fit. so in the grand scheme of things i think its relatively low hours on it....for a commercial machine.
    the carb is pristine, i had it cleaned at the john deere dealership in their ultrasonic washer. the carb was completely disassembled for this, all the way down to the butterflies and shafts. I double checked the diagrams online to make sure i hadnt somehow lost a small part or jet. i replaced the needle valve and the gaskets for the carb. (carb/intake and carb/filter housing.
    i just dont think it is the carb. i'm going to try to adjust the governor one more time before i go any farther with it and i have a specific question about the adjustment of it.
    I'm typing this exactly from the kawasaki manual.
    Turn the top end of the governor arm counterclockwise to fully open the carb throttle valve and hold it there.
    Turn the governor shaft counterclockwise fully to the end of its travel, tighten the clamp nut.
    now with that being said, if you loosed the nut and grip the gov. shaft with a pair of pliers there is free play where you can turn the shaft back and forth. when you turn it all the way counterclockwise to the end of this free play it stops. but if you bear down on it a little hard you can feel a good bit of tension pushing against it. when the manual says turn turn it clockwise the end of its travel. does it mean to the end of the "free" travel. or bear down on it and force it against that tension the you feel?
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    I just had same problem on fh500. It turned out to be the intake gaskets. The bolts were acutally loose. The spary with carb. cleaner test was not reall significant..it smoothed out slightly. I too was ready to pull out my hair. It ran wide open and under load OK. $1.63 gaskets worth the try. I love this site...help from here lead to smooth running mower!

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