Kawasaki FH500V 17 Hp Engine

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by PFHunter, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. PFHunter

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    I have a Kawasaki FH500V 17 hp engine for sale. It has 485 hours. It is in good condition. It is off of an Exmark (manual clutch) walkbehind mower. Recoil start. It is complete with a muffler.
    I have no use for it, so I'll sell it pretty reasonably. I purchased it from Exmark. It had been removed for testing potential new engines.
    It is the left engine in the photo. The other one is gone.

    Engines 008-a.jpg
  2. auntmayor

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    Hello, Do you still have this engine available. How much are you looking to get for it? Also do you ship? and what would be the shipping costs. Thank you, Linda
  3. Raymond S.

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    If he does You'd have to factor in for inflation.
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    Oh I didn't see the post date. Thanks for making me look blond. Why don't they remove old posts like that?
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    pry the same reason they don't delete super old un-active users. Numbers.

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