Kawasaki FH500V 17HP

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TStevens, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. TStevens

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    This started with a leaking sump or crank case oil leak. I have a yazoo-kees
    42" commercial ZT. Mower was running fine when taken in for repair. 1 week later mechanic calls back a says he installed new gasket ran for fifteen minutes to ensure the leak was fixed. I went to pick it up and mower would not start. Sounded like timing issued. Here's the kicker. The motor has been broken down two more times and reassembled and still will not run. Mechanic advised all timing marks were alligned properly and reassembled to specs. There is spark and fuel. Mechanic called Kawasaki and they advised it could be a bad crank and sent new crank free of charge. This did not fix the problem. How Does a crank go bad from a gasket repair. kawasaki's answer was it's a freak thing sometimes. I could go on. Need help.
  2. MowerMedic77

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    Sorry but something about this does not add up :confused:
    It came in running he changes the sump gasket & runs it after, and then it does not start and its been torn down twice the cranks been replaced and its still not running?

    I have removed lots of bad sump gaskets and usually never have to mess with the timing. Did he look to see if the old crank gear and new crank gear were in the same location? To put a new crankshaft in means he has had this engine almost completely apart, did you see your old crank? If you spray starter fluid in the carb does the engine even pop? What is the compression readings or leak down test readings?

    Sorry for all the questions but these engines are not rocket science. If the flywheel is keyed on the crank and the cam(dot) and crank(dot) are lined up then the rest is basic air, fuel, spark, compression. It should start:)
  3. TStevens

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    The end of your response is somewhat the response I got when the motor did not start and he broke it down and put it back together the first time.
    I did not see the old crank. I'am not a mechanic by any means, but I'am not totally ignorant when it comes to motors, something does not smell right to me. the engine only has approx. 200 hrs on it and well maintained. He said he checked the coils and compression all checked out okay, as to the compression readings he only said they were to specification. By your response I think I'm being jerked around. Myself, I think it is and electrical problem. By that I mean I think one of the safety features is preventing it from running. When we cranked it sounded to me like it does when brake is not set or if your were not on the seat.
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    I'm with MM, It sounds like someone is lacking in experience pulling a engine down that far for a sump gasket then it not even starting. You don't even have to mess with the valves on this job.

    Hmmm, Wonder if he even got the rod torqued to the new crank properly.....
  5. TStevens

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    In my initial thread the mechanic claimed it ran for approx.15 min and he parked. I failed to start when I came to pick it up and has not run since.

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