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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JAX76CJ, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Hi fellaz. I had a question and hope somebody can help me out. I've been having a problem with my starter all year on my Bunton BZT 2230, with a Kaw 680v. Basically the starter pinion (Spline with the cap) engages the flywheel is gets stuck in the up position. I bought a new starter ($169.00) about 3 months ago, when I went to remove the old starter, the pinion on it dropped down before I totally removed it. So, I sprayed it with some Electrical Contact Lube, tightened down the bolts, and just fired it up. It worked GREAT for about a month (1,000 starts!). So I figured that I'd hold on to the new starter just in case. well, I've ended up having to to that same process twice since (loosen bolts, pinion drops, tighten bolts back), but it's been working fine. Well finally I think the starter went. It was stuck in the "UP" position and would not come down, so I figured that I'd just replace it.
    I installed the new starter.... Made the connection to the solenoid, installed the two bolts that hold it in place (with 3 ground wires attached to the front bolt, between the top washer and the starter mount). No problems with the starter operation as far as electrical is concerned. I went to start the new starter, and it did the same exact thing! The NEW Starter gets stuck in the up position! I don't get it. I've taken off the cover and inspected the flywheel. I've even tried starting it while inspecting it. When I started it, it got stuck in the "UP" position and I can see where the teeth meet the flywheel, but it doesn't seem like it's "Binding" or getting caught on the wheel. It looks like there's room for it to drop down. I thought that it might be a few "Burred" teeth on the flywheel, but upon inspection.... It looked fine. I don't get it. It just doesn't seem like it's catching on the flywheel teeth. It seems like the starter doesn't want to power the pinion back down the spiral shaft of the starter. This makes me think that the problem is with the starter, but it's BRAND NEW, plus this problem was happening with the old one as well. I'm just out of ideas. I have the repair manual, but it just shows how the Starter Motor (Itself) is disassembled, not how it meets the flywheel, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    It sounds like your block was machined too deep where the starter mounts. This will give you no or negative freeplay of the gear. Slip a THIN flat washer (shim) under one of the mounting ears and reinstall the starter.
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    I would also make sure that there is no power going to the starter after the engine has started. If for some reason the solenoid is sticking on the starter is still trying to drive.
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    While I was out cutting today (Without my"Z" :cry: ), I thought about the Solenoid as well. I don't know much about how the solenoid works in conjunction to the starter. I do know that I have it hooked up correctly, and just went outside and looked at the connections to the solenoid, but they all look good (Doesn't mean that it isn't bad, I know). It can still be a bad solenoid. My trouble now is that I'm not quite sure how the solenoid plays a role in the operation of the starter. By this I mean.... Does the Starter use "Power" from the solenoid to lower it down? Or does it fall down on it's own (Gravity). It seems to power it up just fine, then when the pinion gets to the top.... It Cranks (Sounds like it's normal), It starts to turn the Flywheel, then It makes a lower "ruuurahhhhh-ruuurrrahhh" sound, then it just clicks and stops. Also, IF it is the Solenoid and I replace it, is there any way that I might have "Roached" the New starter due to testing it out a few times? I'd hate to buy another starter. I plan on "Rebuilding" the old one over the winter... Just to learn how. I'd hate to have to have to rebuild a "BRAND NEW" one as well, plus shell out another Hundred-&-Something for a New one. I guess I'll go to my dealer and pick up a new Solenoid tomorrow afternoon.... I just hope that they're not expensive. If that's not the problem then I'll have a backup solenoid:hammerhead: . Thanks for the responses. I just don't think it's an alignment problem, due to the fact that it isn't "Binding" with the flywheel.... I can twist the cap of the pinion when it's "Stuck up", and there's a few Millimeters between the flywheel teeth and the starter pinion. I just turn the flywheel backwards and the pinion rotates down the spline. For now, I guess I'll just buy a Solenoid and check that out. Any other feedback would be great.
    - C.J.

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