Kawasaki FH721D ignition issue.


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Hi all, just found this site while researching and it seems like a good source of good information.
I have a 02 Exmark Lazer Z that has 820 hours on it. I noticed that it was low on power and running rich. Shot the exhaust pipes with a temp gun and found the right cylinder wasn't firing. Changed the plugs and checked spark. Right cylinder had a very weak spark, left side was good. Changed both coils, no improvement. Pulled the bullet connector for the ground apart where it comes out of the engine to the mower harness, still misses. Pulled the ground wire off of the RH coil and it runs like new, good spark. Thought I possibly had a ground wire grounding on the intake runner it was zip tied to. But if this was the case, why wasn't it affecting both coils? Ran a new wire from the left coil to the right one. Hooked it all up and dropped the RH cylinder again. Runs great with the ground wire unhooked from the coil.
I'm more of a compression ignition guy, spark ignition isn't my cup of tea.
I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, any ideas?