Kawasaki FH721V 25 HP - OEM Oil ?????

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JTF40, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. JTF40

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    I recently purchased a new mower with the listed engine. My question is this. I read somewhere - If I use the OEM Kawasaki oil, the manufacturer will DOUBLE the warranty from 2 years to 4 years. Has anyone heard of this? :usflag:
  2. crawgator

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    Here's the link from Kawaski's web page:


    I have my 26HP LC Kawasaki engine registered. Oil is about $5/quart & must buy through dealer you bought your mower from. That's cheap compared to the cost of engine replacement.
  3. lzrj

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    I won't be switching back. I have the same engine and I just switched to a good synthetic. Im sure the synthetic is about the same price Kawi charges for theirs. Synthetics are far superior at high temps and these engines run hot. YA, you may get an extra two year warranty, but if something happens, I bet there is a lot of fine print to be missed (like they pay for parts only and you pay for labor). Im sure I will get more life out of the engine without any problems with the synthetic. (Not trying to turn this into an oil debate). The first person who uses Kawi oil and has something happen in that extra warranty period, let me know how it goes with getting it fixed.
  4. JTF40

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    Other input? :usflag:
  5. JTF40

    JTF40 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Bump !!!! :usflag:
  6. MowerMedic77

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    Just had this same question at the last Kawi update class, the teacher(also works in the Kawi tech service department) said he has never seen a claim denied when this oil was used. Warranty labor rate paid at the engine manufactures printed warranty policy. Warranty covers all INTERNAL engine situations that would be covered by Kawi. Covers all Kawi engines up to 31hp.
    You must purchase the 6pack when you 1st buy the mower and turn in the reg. card. The oil must be used during the break in period and continued throughout the double warranty period. Your internal engine parts will turn a light gold color for visual verification of oil use during a tear down. The warranty only applies to new units or re-powers.
  7. bigsnowdog

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    I hate what I just read about up to 31 hp. I am taking delivery soon of a machine powered by the new 37 hp engine. Do you suppose that might be included now, too?
  8. MowerMedic77

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    Good question, give Kawi a call and let us know what they say
    Consumer Services
    or the customer website
  9. bigsnowdog

    bigsnowdog LawnSite Member
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    I did phone them. The 37 hp is eligible for the warranty. To qualify it has to be a 4-stroke used on power equipment. No motorcycles or 4-wheelers and no 2-strokes.

    You buy a case of Kawasaki oil and it contains a registration card to be completed by the dealer. The dealer sends it in to register for you. The dealer gets a copy, you get one, and the administrative group gets one. You are told to keep records of your oil changes.

    Pretty easy.
  10. Tagg

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    When we purchased our new Scag TT I checked about 8 Kawi dealers throughout the Pittsburgh area and also in the midwest and could NOT find a Kawi dealer that stocked the oil or would even order it. The purchase price from 1 dealer that would attempt to supply it was like $ 96.00/6 qt. pak. Totally Insane in my opinion. We just use straight 30wt sae and haven't had any problems .

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