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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dahammer, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I was looking at specs on the FX730V and ran across something confusing. All of the mower manufacturers that are using this engine (that I've seen) call it a 26hp engine. I also found a Kawasaki webpage cached in Google that specs it at 26hp w/42.1 Ft Lbs of torque. However, the current Kawasaki webpage specs it at 23.5hp w/39.9Ft Lbs of torque. That's a pretty drastic drop in HP. What's the deal? Have they de-rated it due to the lawsuit or have they changed something? Notice the difference in the graphs.


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    My conclusion is based on CC's.....

    If a engine is rated at 675cc @ 3600= 25hp, And another is rated at 763cc @ 3600= 27hp that would leave this 726cc @ 3600= 26hp engine at just that.

    The specs/chart on the left above are the same on my dealers site, They appear to be correct.

    It looks like the little guy that put the specs/chart together on the right above was strung out on Sushi or something.

    He used the term "Gross Power" instead of "Recommended" Maximum Output, Then left the true "Maximum Output" completely off the chart......
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    LOL on the sushi! It looks like they have redone the specs on the whole line. Here are some of the others. The FX850V has lost a whopping 4hp! I’m wandering if they made a change to lower the output on them due to the trouble they were having with the larger ones.

    FX651V = 726cm^3 = 20.5hp
    FX691V = 726cm^3 = 22hp
    FX730V = 726cm^3 = 23.5hp

    FX751V = 852cm^3 = 24.5hp
    FX801V = 852cm^3 = 25.5hp
    FX850V = 852cm^3 = 27hp

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