Kawasaki FX921V - Fuel Solenoid (no power to it)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lotsagrass, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. lotsagrass

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    I have a 2016 John Deere Z960M with the Kawasaki FX921V. I was curious why my plugs were wet when I changed the plugs a few days ago. I haven't started it for a few weeks and decided it was time to change the plugs for next year. Occasionally I get a good puff of white smoke when I start it, but not too often. Then I got to thinking, I wonder if that fuel shutoff solenoid is stuck open or something.

    I thought it would be really simple. Turn the key on (parking brake on, but nobody on the seat) and there would be power to that solenoid and I'd probably even hear it click or feel it click if my fingers were on it. No...no click and no power on the green wire going to it. I checked the wire with an ohm meter where it goes up and over the engine and connects to that wiring harness on the left side (sort of hangs freely there just to the left of the engine). The wire is good.

    I also thought maybe someone needs to be on the seat for the solenoid to get power (parking brake on, person on seat, key in run position). No luck. Still no power there at the harness for that wire and of course no power at the connector that plugs into the solenoid. For the life of me, I can't figure out why I can't get power/12V there on that green wire even at the harness to the left of the engine.

    Fuse is fine and the engine runs fine other than the occasional white puff of smoke at startup and of course I think that's related to the wet plugs/fuel entering the cylinders for a brief second or two when I turn off the engine.

    Any ideas?

    It's under warranty so ultimately it's not a big deal, but I'd rather not have to mess with the dealer for something simple like this if I don't have to or even if I do, I'd like to know for sure what the issue is before I called them.

  2. BigFish

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    There should be power to the solenoid. The motor shouldn't start or run with no voltage to activate the solenoid. The solenoid could be stuck in the retracted/open position or crud on the pintle seat, pull the solenoid and see, right.
    But ya need to find out why no volts to the solenoid.
    JD wiring diagrams are a bear to come by. Best to jes drag it down to the dealer.
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  3. lotsagrass

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    Ok. Thanks. I’ll call the dealer and see what their policy is. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll come get it for free since it’s under warranty and a rather expensive machine.
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  4. springfield_pest

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    Those things are a pain. I have a honda welder/generator that the coil was lazy. I had to bottle feed it to get it started then it would open and run normal. I ended up using a unimat lathe to make a banjo bolt to replace it.
  5. lotsagrass

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    I called the dealer and they don't do a free pickup/drop off for warranty work. My little trailer isn't big enough to fit the Z960M (I'm just a homeowner) so their price to pickup and drop off is $100. :-( I'll do some more poking around but if I can't find the problem, I may end up needing to get them to do the pickup and eat the $100.
  6. BigFish

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    Yer dealer is a flat out ripoff. How much did ya spend buyin' that unit???
    I usually P.U. and dlvr a unit I'm gonna fix fer free.
    Ya might could find somebody on Craigslist with a trailer.
    I get calls fer pickin' up new mowers from time to time off C.L.
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  7. lotsagrass

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    They've been good to me in the past overall but their pickup/delivery for expensive machines policy needs some tweaking. For a $12,000 machine and me never calling them for anything since I bought it, I would hope they'd make an exception and do it for free. It's about 20 minutes to the dealer.
  8. Walker56

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    Find another dealer. Customer service is obviously not one of their strong points. After spending 12k and never bothering them, they should do the right thing and work it out.
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  9. lotsagrass

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    If i can't find the problem myself (after more checking), I'll call them again and try to get an exception for a free pickup. We also have almost $30k of tractor and implements we bought from them, so that 'should' work in my favor for a "Hey, I understand your policy, but really...we spent all this money with you and you can't drive over 20 minutes to pick up my commercial mower for an easy warranty repair?"
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  10. sjessen

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    Another option is renting a trailer providing you can get one wide enough.
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