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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grounds Control, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Grounds Control

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    ok guys...i did search through the older posts and didn't find much about hand tools (2 cyl blowers, trimmers, etc...)

    the local lesco deal has a full range of kawi tool that seem reasonably priced. i don't have nor do i know anyone with experience with kawi

    how do they compare to the other brands?

    thanks for you input from a newbie
  2. Pecker

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    The only tool I have that runs a Kawi is my JD BP50 (backpack) and it has been great! Starts on the first pull every time after 3 years and runs strong and smooth. However, although I don't have much on Kawi hand tools, I do have a 25hp Kawi V-twin on my JD 757 ztr and so far it has been great too. But I can tell that throughout the motorsport world, Kawi has a great rep for engine durability, reliability and easy starting which I can vouch for since I had a KDX200 dirtbike that started on the first kick and gave me no engine trouble through the time I sold it. I also have a Kawi four-wheeler that has been abused for over 5 years and keeps on chuggin' and plan on buying an '05 Kawi Prarie 700 this summer (if I have another good season at least). To sum it up, I'd feel safe to buy Kawi hand tools as well.

    But I'd like to add, I take care to maintain and keep all of my equipment and toys in tip-top shape. Also, be sure you have a good shop for repair and parts. That goes further than anything else, no matter what equipment you run.
  3. imograss

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    I switched from Shindaiwa to the Kawasaki trimmer KBL26A. This is the lightest most balanced trimmer I've used.
  4. Grounds Control

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    great info. i'll be doing all th emaint on my equipment. i just bought a wright stander with a 23hp kawi. as i add on more equipment i'd like to keep the engines the same.

    ps- i used to race a honda cbr600 on the track. 3 seasons of bouncing off the rev limiter(14k) and no engine failure!
  5. hole in one lco

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    Kawasaki are power full . Worth every penny imo.
  6. BB36

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    I've been using Kawi trimmers going on 6 yrs.My first Kawi trimmer is still running.
  7. Jlwnsrvce

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    I have a TMC weedeater (KPW3420Z). It has the Kawasaki motor. Starts first pull every day for about 6 months now. Loads of power and absolutely well balanced. A buddy of mine has been using Astron weedeaters (identical engine)for about 10 years, also powerful,balanced and very reliable. I bought a TMC blower about 18 years ago that I still have and I am confident it wouldnt take much to get it started.Also I have a dinosaur Astron hedge trimmer that starts on the second pull if not the first.It seems like the blowers,weedeaters and the trimmers with kawasaki engines are always built like tanks.
    Kawasaki? Oh ya,for sure!

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