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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Clint, Feb 12, 2002.

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    Hey, im going to buy a metro 36" with a 15hp engine, i really dont know what i should buy, whats the price difference on the 2, and which will treat me better?

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    Thanks for the questions. While I can't give you the actual price, I will give you the MSRP for the Kohler and Kawasaki, 36", pistol grip Metros. The suggested retail on the 15 Kohler is $2299, and the suggested price on the 15 Kaw. is $2599. Always contact your local Exmark Dealer for the most accurate pricing.

    Both are solid engines. If you were farther North, I might suggest the twin cylinder Kaw. over the single cylinder Kohler. The twin cylinder engine makes it a lot easier to pull start. The twin cylinder Kaw. is a little smoother running than the Kohler. Also, if you hold the engine specs side-by-side, the Kaw. has a larger displacement (30.1 to 26 cc) and a little more torque at 2400 RPM (25.5 to 23.80 ft.-lbs.).

    Here is the kicker. In the past, getting parts for Kawasaki engines in Texas was a challenge. I don't know if their distribution has gotten better or worse, but that's a question you should ask your local Exmark Dealer. Ask them who they prefer to deal with - the Kohler or Kawasaki distributor - when an issue arises? I do know that the Kohler Distributor in Texas does a real good job of taking care of business, and they treat their customers pretty fair. This is a great asset to have. Talk to your dealer and see who they recommend. Be sure to ask them why they recommend distributor X over Y. If you have any questions, you know how to get a hold of us.

    Thanks again,

    Dustin Schwab
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