Kawasaki muffler recall

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Premo Services, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. Premo Services

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    It seems that I read a post about the mufflers on the lazer hp with kawasaki engines were going to get recalled to put a diferent muffler on them. Is this true?
    When is this taking place?
  2. eXmark

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    The simple answer is YES. There is a recall campaign that has just been initiated to replace the exhaust system on all Lazer HP's powered by Kawasaki engines. This recall will also include all units with a serial number above 176621 powered by Kohler engines as well.

    The plan works like this. A couple of weeks ago we started in shipping kits for each registered unit to the dealers in the south and began working our way north. We then began sending letters out to each registered user notifying them that a recall exists and that all necessary parts were already delivered to their dealer. Incidentally the kits for the Missouri region were shipped earlier this week.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

    Thank you

  3. Esby

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    When will the recall reach MN???
  4. eXmark

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    Good news! The guys in the parts department are doing a great job of getting the kits out! It looks like if we stay on schedule the Kits for the MN region will ship next week, followed by a letter to each registered owner 5 days later. Once you receive your notification you should contact your dealer to make arrangements to have the kit installed.

    Please let me know if you have any questions


  5. Harvestman

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    Terry, how about Ohio?( The Miami Valley) Also I heard exmark was giving away a free set of blades is that true?I would like to compliment you folks on your mowers. I have two a z and a walk behind I love them!! Thanks Harvestman
  6. eXmark

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    We originally started shipping kits to the southern states because in many cases they are still cutting grass and then began working our way north. My understanding is that the kits for your "general" region began shipping sometime this afternoon meaning your kit was either shipped today or will be shipped on Monday if your mower is registered. If you have not received a letter in the next 7 working days drop us an e-mail. My e-mail is terry.eckert@exmark.com or you can notify our Customer Service department at service@exmark.com.

    To answer your second question yes we are also sending a set of our new Excalibur blades with each muffler kit.

    I'll be doing some training in Ohio in early March, not sure where yet but I'll try to let you know if there will be anything going on in your area.


  7. Esby

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    Free Blades!! I like the idea of that:)
  8. Vibe Ray

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    Hey Terry, I took mine in today and got the free blades....only they were mulching blades, not "Excalibur blades".....I am cool w/ that cuz I'd rather mulchers anyway, but I am curious as to what exmark's new Excalibur blades are.....what are they and how are they different. And do you make them in all sizes?

  9. eXmark

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    Vibe Ray:

    Terry is out of the office all this week, but I didn't want to leave you waiting for a reply. What we did with the Excalibur blades was sharpen our blade to the hole. We did this to all of the blades we offer. This gives the blade a longer cutting edge, which is helpful when cutting long, stringy grass or weeds, like Dandelions. The guys down south really like the new Excalibur blades for cutting the Bahia grass. If you have any other questions, you know how to get a hold of us.

    Thanks for the post.

    Exmark Customer Support

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