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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by HacMan91, Jun 9, 2002.

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    I have a 52" exmark with a 23 Kaw. It has 144 hrs on it and is about 9 mos old. About 3 mos ago it started losing power. My dealer said it has been pretty dusty around here and said the filter was dirty which caused the motor to run too rich and caused the spark plugs to get heavy black deposits on them. They said that Kawasaki's need to have very clean filters or this will happen. They said to change the pre filters each day. This has not worked. I can put a clean prefilter and clean off the plugs and by the end of the day you can tell there is a loss of power. I feel like my dealer is giving me the run around. Its not that dusty around here, we've had plenty of rain. I noticed some oily residue below the air filter inside the carburator. I cant believe that all this headache is due to a filter that looks almost new. It seems to me the carb is running too rich, but the dealer says it doesnt have the same adjustments on it that other carbs have on them. I would like a second opinion from another dealer.
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    I don't know how dusty it is in your area but I am certain of this. If the filter is getting plugged it can cause all of the things your seeing. A dirty filter is not the only thing that can cause these things but it is one of them.

    It's always possible you've got a choke adjustment problem or a carburetor problem but it's hard to say with out being there. Normally the 23 gets pretty good marks regarding the standard air filter. Believe me there are a lot worse filters on the market.

    The residue youÂ’re seeing is probably oil. If the filter plugs it starves the engine for air. As the piston falls on the downward intake stroke it tries to draw air into the cylinder. If it can't get air in through the air filter the vacuum increases and oil residue can be pulled from the crankcase vent system into the air intake system. It's a little more or a little less complicated than that but that's the best way I can explain it.

    In dusty conditions you may need to keep a spare precleaner and change them out at noon. You'll also find this with other brands of engines depending upon how dusty the conditions are.

    Your dealer is also right regarding the adjustments on the carburetors. None of them have much adjustment anymore in an effort to meet EPA requirements.

    This all makes sense but the fact remains that you may have a carburetor issue, a choke issue or you may also be in need of a hotter set of plugs. You may want to have your dealer inspect the precleaner/airfilter again when it starts acting up and see if his opinion has changed.



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