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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by HacMan91, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. HacMan91

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    My 23 Kawasaki is not running right. Ive got a 52" exmark that is about 1 yr old 275 hrs. No problems other that changing the prefilter each day to keep it running good. Last week it started losing power for no reason. It runs like it has a clogged up air filter. It would barely cut grass then it would run fine for a while then back to the above. My dealer really couldnt find what it was so they put a new ignition coil in it. They thought it sounded like it was running on one cylinder. Air filter is clean and plugs were fine. So I get it back 20 yards later and it starts again. I take it back to the shop and it runs perfect, I cant get it to act up for the dealer. They run all kinds of tests but cant find anything wrong with it because its running fine. They tell me to run it until it wont run anymore so they can diagnose the problem. This is agravating trying to run a mower that is running at %75. This is my first Kaw and Im not impressed at all, if I could buy it again, it would be a kohler motor. All my other mowers were kohlers and never did any maintenance except oil and filters. I like the exmark but hate the Kaw. The dealer checked compression, carb, running temp, spark, and a couple of other tests. Any suggestions would be appreciated.:mad:
  2. Brieldo

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    What about fuel lines/filter? I rented an Antonio Carraro tractor with a Seppi-M tree/brush mower on it and the $90,000 thing ran like **** until they found a big stick in the fuel line...

    Check for blockage/cloggage. I bet that's what it may be.
  3. eXmark

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    I'd agree with Brieldo and look at the fuel filter and fuel line next. If they've already checked those I would ask them if they called Kawasaki. Most often if the dealer can't duplicate the problem he can't diagnose it. I'd suggest you have them call Kawasaki's service department directly and see if they have any suggestions. You never know they might be aware of something that we have not heard yet.


  4. P&J Lawncare

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    My super z with the 25 kaw does the same thing. I will take a kohler over a kaw any day.
  5. awm

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    check for corrosion in the safety switch contacks.
  6. HacMan91

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have a clear fuel filter and it looked pretty good the other day but tomorrow Im going to put on a new one just in case. I will check the fuel lines tomorrow. Thanks again!
  7. ProMo

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    my dc was running rough and when i tried to have someone look at it the thing ran fine. my father in law figured it out without touching it said it had water / condensation in the sediment bowl,when using for a short time it ran fine it didnt start running rough until it got shook up allowing the water to mix with the fuel.sure enough it had a little bit of water in it and has ran fine since i cleaned it out
  8. SLS

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    It's probably something to dowith the fuel delivery (or fuel).

    I just ticked over 825 hours on my 23 Kawasaki (2001 Lazer Z 60").

    It has not given me one problem. Not one. Totally sweet!

    Now i'll go knock on wood..........;)
  9. Cutter1

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    I have 2 23 Kaw's on Lasers. THey both run fine. One has 1200 hours, the otherabout 300. The old one has had some small things, they replaced a ignition coil and the key switch. The switch took awhile to figure out, the mower would sputter and just turn off, finally figured it out. Maybe its something electrical.
  10. ceaman

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    from Indiana
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    Try cleaning out the carb bowl and main jet.

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