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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by wizzard933, Mar 3, 2005.

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    O.k heres the deal:Relaced my fb460v kawasaki to a kohler cv15.The mower is a scag 36ka.Got it to start,cut,etc but engine won`t shut off unless i pull plug.Has new switch etc.Now i was told by a person that works on scag`s my problem is i need to rewire around the regulator&condencer since the kohler does not need these parts and all will be fine.I know they have a engine harness for it but don`t want to spend the money $60+ and the guy told me no need for it that it`s an easy fix.So if anyone has an opinion before i start please let me hear it,thank`s.
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    OK, If I am not mistaken on this the ignition coil is grounded to kill it. Remove the blower housing so you can see the ignition coil. There should be a kill terminal on top of it. Start the engine. Now ground the kill terminal and see what happens. There should be a wire coming from this terminal leaving the blower housing at some point. Seeing as you do not wish to get into the wiring I do not thank it wise to try and hook this up to the key switch. If you run 12 volt to the kill wire by mistake you WILL fry the ignition coil. The easiest thing to do would be to put a push button (or toggle) kill switch on the dashboard. If you are unsure do not even try to wire it to the key switch. I have lost count of the coils I have replaced because they got fried by 12 volts getting in the kill lead, it gives a whole new meaning to "KILL SWITCH"

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