Kawasaki trimmer engine speed

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Likestomow, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Likestomow

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    I have three KBL-26A trimmers and all are one year old. One runs real strong and the other two not so good. I took the carbs off all of them about 2 months ago and cleaned them out, so they all got the same treatment, but one just runs faster.

    Does anyone have any idea why the other two are lagging? I have removed the spark arresters on all of them right from the beginning. I am using Opti-2 oil and do not have any smoke.

    I just wonder if there reall might be some adjustment or trick to "hopping-up" these little engines.
  2. Oldtimer

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    How many rpms are they turning?
  3. riches139

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    No two engines will ever run the same.
    Some have a little better compression, carb adjust, plug,etc. etc. etc.
  4. Likestomow

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    Well I got a surprise when I took the muffler off one of the slower machines and found some carbon in the exhaust port. I scraped it with a little awl, then with the square side of a file, and then with some emery cloth. I got most of the carbon off, then sprayed it down good with some brake cleaner.

    I put the plug back on and the muffler and started it up. I was surprised to find the RPM's significantly higher. It had great response and almost as many R's as the better trimmer. I was completely satisfied with my effort and will now do the same to the other slower trimmer. I now realize this will have to become part of my annual PM done over the winter. I think I’ll add all my 2-cycle equipment to this list.
  5. Oldtimer

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    Never ever use anything metallic in an exhaust port. Use wood or plastic because the last thing you want to do is scratch the port or piston.

    Shindaiwa furnishes a little red plastic screw driver with a lot of their units. This plastic screw driver is actually a carbon scraper.

  6. Lawn Masters

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    I will say metal objects can, and more than likely will damage the piston if you hit it with something like a screwdriver. when you remove the carbon, make SURE it doesnt go into the cylinder, and if it does, clean it out ASAP or it WILL damage something.

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