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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tonirone, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. tonirone

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    Anyone using the kaw kgt27a trimmer? How do you like it? How does it compare to equal brands such as shindaiwa, echo, tanaka, redmax, husky, maruyama, robin, stihl?
  2. z_clark

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    THEY ARE GREAT! Can't be beat for the price. J-Thomas currently has them for $190 shipped.....I bought 6 of 'em.

    Very well balanced. Smooth motor. GREAT power to weight. Not sure about long term longevity yet. I have had 2 in production for 1/2 of our mowing season with no issues. Gas fill is as narrow as echo's opening, and this bugs me.
  3. Juan_Deere

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    The Kawasaki trimmer that JThomas has for $190, is not considered the commercial model. They are selling the KTR, the KGT is the one that is listed as commercial grade on the kawasaki website. The only difference I have seen so far, is the type of driveshafts, although I have also heard the gearboxes are different. I have one of both, but have only used the KGT so far.

    I like the weight and power really well. The things I don't like about it, are the weird style bump head(compared to the Stihl) and I actually feel as if the trimmer line is too far up from the ground. It seems as if I have to hold the trimmer at just the right angle, in order to maximize the swath of cut. It is the same feeling you get with other trimmers, when the trimmer line has gotten too short, and you can tell it needs to be bumped out a little. The Kawi seems to feel that way all the time. But then when I give it the slightest bump, or stop the head from spinning, it is obvious the line is as long as it should be. I may try adjusting the head position on it, and see if that fixes it. I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way about it, but it has been quite annoying to me.

    When you first pick it up and use it, it is going to feel like an extremely cheap toy. When comparing it to my Stihl KM85, the difference in engine sound is like comparing a moped and a Harley. But the engine is actually quite powerful.
  4. ed2150

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    I been running Kawasaki trimmers for 3 years, no problems and absolutely love them.

    The one J-Thomas has for $190 is the KTR27A; flex cable drive shaft and less vibration dampening than the KGT27A which has a steel drive shaft and an added vibration-absorbing bushing between the engine and shaft.

    The KGT27A costs quite a bit more; both are excellent trimmers.
  5. JTF40

    JTF40 LawnSite Senior Member
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    The KGT is what you want - NOT the KTR (IMO). :usflag:
  6. z_clark

    z_clark LawnSite Senior Member
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    Kawasaki does have a lifetime warantee on the cable drive. I guess time will tell (and I hope you guys aren't right!).

    In our sthills I have had many problems with the shaft drive. The shaft will either snap at the motor, or wear out the nylon sleve inside and vibrate. I have started lubing these every month now, but they still fail.

    For the $190 shiped to my door, I still think they are a heck of a deal!
  7. Sharpcut 1

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    I have a commercial customer that bought the KTR's online (3 of them) and we have already replaced all 3 drive cables and a gearbox. He does approx 75 jobs a week. On the plus side, Kawasaki did pay for the warranty. All driveshafts went within 4 months time.
  8. ed2150

    ed2150 LawnSite Member
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    Kawasaki driveshafts have a lifetime warranty, both cable and steel. The KTR uses the same engine and gearbox as the KGT; the difference between the two is the driveshaft and vibration dampening.

    The KTR is not attachment capable because of the flex shaft and is not listed as being commercial grade; the KGT is commercial grade.

    Kawasaki trimmers use the same tap feed head as Echo uses on their trimmers. (The mounting threads are different.)
  9. Juan_Deere

    Juan_Deere LawnSite Senior Member
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    The gearboxes are not the same. If you look at the parts diagrams on the Kawasaki website, they have different part numbers, they look differently, and they have different parts make up when you disassemble them. They do share some components, but they are not the same at all.
  10. T Total Lawncare

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    Thats why I love my FS80's. Best whacker on the planet IMHO.

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