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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SnapperHelp, May 2, 2005.

  1. SnapperHelp

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    Hi I have a Kawasaki FB460V and I need to find the type # for my motor so I know which parts diagrams to look at on the Kawasaki web site. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. mike76

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    Sorry to tell you this but Kawi. usually put there type numbers on a sticker on the fan cover. They usually come off after the first wash, the best bet is to go to the dealer that sold you the equipment and see if they can give you a type number. good luck
  3. beransfixitinc

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    You know, I wish all engine AND equipment manufacturers would open their eyes, and let go of their wallets a little more and put the numbers on these things in a way that doesn't wash or fade off.

    Tecumseh.. one of the most backwards engine manufacturers I swear, really seems lost. On older engines that have come into the shop, the numbers are stamped into the metal cowling of the blower housing. New engines come with a stupid tag held on with adhesive.. what are they thinking?

    I think that out of the brands we are authorized to work on, I like Honda's identification process the best. They stamp it in the block, which is not a commonly replaced part.

    I mean come on, Briggs now on a large portion of their engines has been stamping it on a valve cover?! Like, why stamp the identification on a part that can be replaced so easily? Granted, you may not normally replace that part, but if something happens and you warp the cover, you end up replacing it. Unless the place that replaces it stamps or engraves the information in the new part, you're screwed.

    Now, onto the equipment, which, the main culprits on equipment identification is the homeowner brands.. MTD,Murray, Electrolux, etc... A paper tag under a seat or some other location that leads a harsh life.

    What is the big problem with stamping the metal nowadays? Ok, maybe it takes too long to change the dies.. USE lasers to engrave them then.

    The job of the repair technician is becoming increasingly time consuming due to the short sidedness of the manufacturers.

    Sorry, something just triggered a vent.
  4. SnapperHelp

    SnapperHelp LawnSite Member
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    Thanks anyway. I guess I'll take it to a dealer. It's in pretty bad shape anyway......I might replace it.

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