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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mechanic kevin, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. mechanic kevin

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    I have a Kawasaki 17hp FH541V that runs on propane and I am trying to find a place to get aftermarket valve guides. We have approx 12 of these machines that have the same motors on them and they like to go through exh guides. According to the company that switched the engines to propane the valve lash needs to be set from .006/.006 to .009/.009, that .006 was not allowing enough time for the valve tip to cool resulting in the guides going out on the exh valve. Does anyone have any place to shop ?
  2. pugs

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    What company are you dealing with for the propane systems? If its not these guys: http://www.gogreenmetrolawn.com/ I would contact them. He has been at the Kawasaki update schools the past few years and I dont remember him mentioning any change to valve settings when converting. There are also some inferior conversion systems out there. Honestly if I was going to do any propane stuff it would be through these guys, but there just isnt a demand for it here.

    As for your current problem, check with machine shops. But in the end the new heads will probably be cheaper than they will be. Main thing is find the cause/solution to whats causing your issues so you arent replacing heads anymore.
  3. mechanic kevin

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    The name of the company is Enviroguard propane. I contacted Kawasaki directly about my problem, they gave me the number to Enviro.. This is who they use for their propane machines.
  4. ed2hess

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    Well I just finished putting seals in one of these puppies that is at the 500hr mark. So....I went and adjusted the valves around .005"...guess i should have left them alone. I am running propane. So what is Kawawaki recommending?
  5. mechanic kevin

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    They are saying to set them at .009 int. and .009 exh.another company said to set the exh to .011. I'm going with .009 to see how well it works. I hate to hear noisy lifters. They are still quiet at .009. Hopefully found some guides,they will be in today to see if they are the right ones. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. mechanic kevin

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    I found the guides for the 541. I got them at oreilly's auto parts, pt # 140-8555. They were 15 mm longer but everything else is perfect. I cut them off at 30 mm, chamfered the cut end, dimpled the outside to prevent walking and good to go.

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