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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KillerShark, May 10, 2001.

  1. KillerShark

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    I've been reading (from here) quite a lot of horror stories about kawasaki's. I do seem to remember kohler having some problems with I believe the 25hp. So two questions.... Is kohler's problem solved with the 25hp? And if given a choice between kohler or kawasaki, which one do some of you recommend?

    BTW.. I've had dealers say STAY AWAY from the kawasaki's. The parts are very difficult to get.

  2. oneEXMARKfan

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    I would choose KAW. ( that's all I've owned and never had any problems, or needed any parts) But have heard the same probs. that you have. (the 17HP has too few hours to tell about, but the 12.5 HP has been so good for SO LONG, I'm pretty much loyal to KAW.)
  3. LoneStarLawn

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    Lets see....One makes excellent small engines vehicles (jetskis, motorcycles..etc.) the other makes faucets...you decide.

    I hope you can figure out my choice...
    Kawai parts are extremely easy to get...well here...but online you should be able to get them too...
  4. KillerShark

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    LOL.... you got me there
  5. Dave

    Dave LawnSite Senior Member
    from RI
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    As far as I am concerned,being in the repairing business of theses engines,there is no comparision,No mater who makes the engine they don,t want to stand behind them and the dealer gets the bad name.The last good engine kohler made was the K series,They have had a lot more service bulletins than the kaw,cv models like to loose there magnets in the flywheels,one model liked to push govener shafts out. we all know the command 25 problems.Until they came out with efi most of them had to be started with the choke even warm.Thats my two pennies
  6. lee b

    lee b LawnSite Fanatic
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    I'm glad you mentioned the choke, Dave. I have a 25 kohler and a 20 kawasaki, the kawi will not crank {even hot} without choking it. The kohler will crank {unless it's cold weather} without using the choke. Both have been excellent engines so far.:cool:
  7. KillerShark

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    Looks like the Kawasaki's are the one to go with. I've got a 18hp kohler magnum on my gravely.... it's been sweet!! i really wish more of these manufacturers would start putting Honda's on em, or at least give you several options to choose from.
  8. 65hoss

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    We start all my kawis with the choke on also. It doesn't matter if it ran 2 hours and sat for 5 min.

    Parts for kawis are terrible. When they do come in they may or may not fit. I had this happen. I will go with kohlers next time. Around here all shops carry kohler parts and down time is minimal. I can't say that about kawis. When they go down, it alway cost me a couple of days to a week.
  9. Lawn DOG

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    I'm glad someone brought this up. I have had about 6)14hp kohlers commands and all of them are easy to get parts for and have been bullet proof. BUT, I usually get only 300 to 500 hrs out of them. I have replaced all of them in the past year with 15hp Kohlers. I also have the 25hp kohler and have 300 hrs and still counting. It looks like the kaw gets the popular vote. But the parts issue is a big deal. Who can afford down time?
  10. KillerShark

    KillerShark LawnSite Member
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    Lawn God,

    How right you are.... who can afford the downtime!!!!
    I've got 1000+ hrs on my 18hp kohler magnum.... and never replaced a plug yet!!!

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