Kawasaki vs Kohler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Clint, Jan 2, 2002.


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    I've been running a 14hp Command Kohler for 6 years full-time with no problems at all. I've never used a Kawi so I obviously can't compare the two.

  2. Clint

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    Thanks everybody,

    I've heard them both raved and ragged on about equal once again.. I think im going to go with the Kohler though.

  3. clyde stewart

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    I have never had to do anything but replace pull rope and oil and filter to my 12.5 kaw for 4 yrs in the lawn biz

    the depnd ablity is work it to me to keep a kaw on board. but parts is an issue . even though i have never had to buy any AT ALL. What i would do is to call around to all the parts suppliers and mechanic shops and find out what dealer is the best in town for having Kaw. Parts avalibiltiy and talk with them and find out what they carry and how long it would take to get it.

    If you have a good dealer go with Kaw other than that go with Kohler
  4. Toooo bad they put on the new mowers any more.

  5. danzig

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    Well guys i have to put in my 2 cents also. My exmark 60" wb has a kohler 22 hp command on it. At 850 hours it started smoking bigtime. Lost compression on one cylander. I changed oil and filter at regular intervals as well as the air filter. Found out from a small engine mechanic that kohlers in the 20 and 22 hp seemed to have problems with the rings and the 25 hp had head gasket problems. I always liked kohlers because dads old jd 110 with an 8 hp engine didn't need a rebuild til it was 26 years old!(still got it!) Things like this happen but I lost big money while that machine was down! Kaw 12.5 and 14 horse are the industry standard in air cooled engines. Anyone who ever had one knows that they are very reliable engines. My ferris 61" has a 23 hp kaw. Lots of power,smooth engine, starts quick. Kaw hasn't been in the twin cylander air cooled market very long but they seem to have a good product so far. Kawasaki engines run more hours than kohlers in my expirience and small engine mech's will tell you the same, plus they are built in missouri. Yeah i like kaws and kohlers but i give kaw the edge.

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