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I purchased all new Stihl equipment this weekend. New blower, edger, and trimmer. The dealer was really pushing the Kawasawki brand. He said they couldn't be beat. I'm familiar with Stihl so I stayed with their product. But the dealer really made a pitch for the Kawasawki stuff. Does anyone know how their hand held equipment is?


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around here, a few guys use their trimmers. i have heard that they stand up very well. i have not used them personally, and have not seen any dealers aroudn ehre who carry them, mostly just online sales.

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Cleveland Ohio
I know Lesco carrys Kaw. trimmers and backpacks.I have one of each a 34cc trimmer holds up nice but it is heavier then every other trimmer I have and the backpack I think is 59 or 60 cc its not bad but I don't think I would buy another one.When I bought the backpack it was one of the biggest at the time or so I was told and the price was ok like $440 and the trimmer I got free with the purchase of a 48inch Lesco Hydro so the price was definitely right on the trimmer.

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We run 2 of each (2 trimmers, 2 backpacks), hold up well. I belive we have about 3-4 seasons on them, no major problems. Better than the Echo's, we had before.

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