kawi 19hp big problems

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    hey, i just recently picked up a 60" exmark turf tracer hydro for 200 bucks, thing is the guy diddnt know what was wrong with it, finally got it running nice today and before i knew it i had 2 quarts of oil run out of the top and bottom of the motor

    the motor is a kawasaki 19hp vertical shaft the hc601v or something like that

    pulled the flywheel off and low and behold the top and bottom crank seals are worn away, and the crank does have some play, more than what id think would be acceptable

    my question is, being i looked up the parts and it shows no bearing, no bushing, just aluminum block against the steel crankshaft...is there any way to rebuild these motors or are they junk when they wear out like this? i bought 2 new seals but figure theyll last about 10 minutes without doing something about the play in the engine.

    apparently these early motors had problems with oil to the top end? the machine only has 470 hours on it (homeowner used it on his yard) but the machine is a 1998, so its out of warrenty, but a dealer told me today that back in the day kawasaki had lots of replacements because brand new motors were having this oil problem and blowing up after the first 100 hours, they never recalled the motor but changed the oiling and replaced the motors free...maybe still deserves a call to the factory and see what theyll do about this machine with barely any hours?...i thught about buying a new block, about 250 bucks, but then buying all the gaskets (they dont sell a kit) is another 125 bucks, so i might as well rebuild it while im at it, but then again, ive found a few people online with overstock selling complere engines for 725 bucks to my door..

    tonight i threw another engine thats been waiting for its final destiny on the mower, it was an 18hp briggs twin out of a craftsman tractor hahaha it fit perfect, shaft was perfect, wiring harness plugged in and matched up perfect...match made in heaven, although dont know how long it will last with the stress illl bew putting on it, so id like to go back to the origional engine config. someday... but this will get me through the spring at leeast

    any ideas or help would be great!! thanks
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    I just replaced mine. My dealer had no knowledge of replacement by Kawi. I bought the mower as is (with bagger) from a guy for $500.00. It's a 48" Cub Tank and runs great now. In all I'v got $2500.00 in it. Not bad since a new one is about $7000.00. :waving:

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