Kawi engine problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by WPLE, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Well it has never happened to me before but my kawi 23 horse on my 737 dropped a valve through the piston. 1763hr on the machine. The valve broke off right at the head and sent the piston into a hundred pieces. The bad thing was that it blew up the day I was schedule to leave for Florida for five days so I will have been down a week tomorrow and finally ordered the parts today. Probably end up costing my about 200 bucks or so for the piston, valves, and rings, gasket. I am just glad I am not having to pay deere to do it. Anybody else had this happen before with the kawi engine? My mechanic at the dealership said he had never seen one just break off like that. He had seen the keeper come off the valve but not this.
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    Mine went a lot faster than that. About 900 hours. Tore up the head on mine. I just got a new engine. Had it up and going in one week.
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    I lucked up with the head. Just had to get the sparkplug removed and the valve seats polished up. I was afraid I would mess up the threads if I tried to do it.
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    Looks very familar ferris. I just got mine back up and running today. Ended up costing me about $175 for the parts for my deere. Not to bad but I was without the mower for a week. It really was not that bad of a job. I am sure if I took it to my dealer they would have gladly sold me a new engine instead. I just couldn't see putting that much into this machine.

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